Risk Management Insurance 2101 Temple University 2101 Rmi Essay

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Harman Rai
RMI 2101 Section 004 - T 5:30-8 P.M
April 23, 2019
1. Describe the rationale for employer-provided employee benefits. You must identify and
explain at least four reasons. (10 points)
Employers offer benefits to attract and retain employees, keep up morale, legal requirement, and tax advantages. One of the reasons that employers provide their employees with benefits is so that the employer can attract and retain their best employees for their business. Companies do not want to lose their best workers because it will be very tough on the management team to find good replacements. Another reason employer provides benefits to employees because it is mandatory to do so. Employers are made mandatory by law to provide particular benefits to all employees. For instance, it is mandatory for employers to provide employees with workers compensation and unemployment benefits to all of their employees. A third reason employers provide employee with benefits is to keep up with morale and confidence. When an employee realizes that the employers is showing interest in your work the employers often get the employees best work while they are working in the business. By providing adequate benefits, you are more likely to keep your employees happy in the workplace. Lastly employers often offer benefits to employees because they want to sustain a healthy and content place to work when they are offered these benefits.
2. We discussed the articles in class about the medical testing policies and wellness programs of some employers. Relate this discussion to the pros and cons...


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