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Rock Type:

Observed I. D. characteristics, general description, and economic use* 8 Pumice Igneous Porous, flats, Hardness 3, streak White, Greenish White or Grey, economic use, used for emery boards, hand soap, and some cleaning materials.

Glassy, black in color, Hardness of 5. economic use, Used for early hunting tools and weapons.

Coarse grain, Hardness 6, bubble like cavities, vesicular, economic use, used for decoration and the cement industry.

Hardness 6, fine grained, massive, dark gray in color. Streak grey to white, economic use, used for whetstones, paving, and building supplies.

Hardness 7, fine grained, bluish gray. Dull, economic use, used for roof tiles.

Hardness 7, economic use, used for countertops.

Hardness 6, gray, porphyritic, economic use, used as decorative aggregates, building stone.

Color variable, but generally light colored, grey through yellow. Hardness of 3-4, no cleavage, economic use, Used for production of glass, paper 16 Slate Metamorphic Fine grained, foliated, Hardness 5, dull luster, economic use, used in bathrooms and garden decoration * See Chapter Two and other sources Specimen NumberRock Identification Student Name:

Rock Name
Rock Type:
Observed I. D. characteristics, general description, and economic use* 17 Quartzsite Metamorphic White to gray in color, hardness of 7, coarse texture, conchoidal fracture. economic use, Used as early large cutting tools.

Banded, foliated, layered, Hardness 7, economic use, used for decorative stone countertops, monuments, and facings.

Talc Schist (Soapstone)
White, beige, gray, yellow, brown, pink, purple, blue, green. Rarely colorless soft. Hardness 1, economic use, used as...

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