Roles Of Elites In Post Classical Adelphi/World Civ Essay

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Role of Elites in Societies
World Civilizations I
Elites are one of the biggest factors to many post classical societies throughout the world. This essay will argue that elites had a big impact to their society in different times. The social structures throughout many societies underwent significant changes due to many different factors. The power of the elite in Rome was deeply affected by the elites. They affected their society both economically, and politically. In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs maintained the society and brought in a lot of success.
The city of rome was deeply affected by elites. In the sixth century B.C.E, they composed a republic, a different form of government. Italy went through many economic changes by Etruscans. Etruscans are a group of people who dominated Italy. The Etruscans migrated from Anatolia to Italy. They were a big impact to building cities and establishing political power and allancies. They affected their society both economically, and politically. They manufactured bronze, iron goods, and worked jewelry. They deeply influenced the development of Rome. Just like the Etruscan cities, Rome was a monarchy, and many kings were Etruscans. Unequal wealth in many classes also brought problems within the society. Because of all the problems, the government dismissed the republic constitution, and replaced it with a centralized form of government on the city of Rome. Merchants drew a large volume due to Rome, and the natural geographic advantages.  After the deposment of the last Etruscan king, Consuls were elected by members of the Elite. The elite determined who were elected to be Consuls. The elite class was hereditary, known as patricians. The Senate was extremely powerful and made all of the critical decisions and advised the consuls. There was a lot of tension at the time between the classes. Plebeians found their way to make a settlement with the patricians. They were granted the right to elect officials, other known as tribunes. They had the power to interrupt many political manners, and the right to veto. Overall, the roman citizens were split up into two classes, the plebeians and patricians. The patricians were the upper elite class and everyone else was a plebian. The plebeians were the farmers, laborers, military, etc. Also, the patrician class was hereditary, you have to be born into the elite class.  The economic development of good roads and pax romana increased trade throughout the regions. The Roman Mediterranean experienced sudden changes in economic and social aspects. Agriculture played a important role in the expansion of its economic size. Many merchants, landowners, and contractors received a lot of wealth and a change in class. The classes were a direct affect to the political and economic stability of the society.
In ancient Egypt, pharaohs had a lot of power due to theocracy, many of the rulers governed justly, but the main factor was theocracy. In speculation, pharaoh's owned the la...


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