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Written explanation:
The scene that inspired me to create a new text was Act 1 scene 3 when Lady Capulet,
Juliet and the nurse have a conversation, which shows that Juliet and her mother don’t have
a close relationship. The character Juliet intrigued and inspired me the most because she is
around the same age as me and had an interesting backstory. The setting I chose for the
text was the 15th century, and it would be written right before Juliet dies, when she finds
Romeo dead. Some of the ideas that I’m trying to explore is Juliet and Lady Capulet’s
relationship and Juliet’s dilemma with wanting to marry Romeo instead of Paris. I’m writing
this as a Letter from Juliet to Lady Capulet because It allows me to get into Juliet’s mind.
In the letter, Juliet is going to talk about how she wishes that she was closer with her mother
and how things could have been different. She confesses that she doesn’t want to marry
Paris and that she loves Romeo, and confesses what she has done over the past week. She
tells her mother in the letter that she is going to die for Romeo, as he died for her. The target
audience for my letter is Lady Capulet, as the letter is addressed to her.
Dear Mother,
When you find this letter, it will most likely be too late. No one else is allowed to read this, it’s
for you, and for you only. We have never been the best of friends, and I don’t think we have
ever spent quality time together, but you deserve to know the full and honest truth about me
and what has happened. On the night of the ball, I saw a man. His name was Romeo, and
he was a Montague. I know what your thinking, “you must never associate with people like
the Montagues”, but he was too handsome for me to bear. We were instantly attracted, and
from there we grew an everlasting love for each other that would last an eternity. We knew
this relationship would be forbidden, but we couldn’t stand being away from each other. He
was gorgeous, charming and kind, and I could never say no to a man like him. You and
father both introduced me...

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