Romeo And Juliet : Describe The Main Idea In Your Text And Explain What You Learned From It

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"Romeo and Juliet" is an Elizabethan play of tragedy, written by William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet is about two "star-crossed" lovers, of feuding households, who die for the ultimate price of love, and each other. Shakespeare communicates the underlying main idea of love through contrasting the many different forms of love which appear through the play. Various characters in the play talk of love from many different points of view. We are shown that not everyone's view of love is the same, and this can create conflict when communicating honestly about the sensitive subject. We learn that deep, passionate, and romantic love is the purest of all the various forms, and can be more power ...view middle of the document...

Mercutio thinks Romeo is going to see Rosaline and mocks Romeo for his view on romantic love; speaking of Rosaline in a very physical, emotionless, and demeaning way. Mercutio believes Romeo views love the same way as him, while in reality they are virtually opposites. The Nurse, like Mercutio, sees love as sex or producing children, and views love in the same crude way. The Nurse advises Juliet that "Romeo's a disclout to [Paris]" and that Paris "excels your first". The Nurse is only trying to comfort Juliet, by sharing her own views and thoughts, and stating that Paris would be a better provider, or father, because of his status and power. Nevertheless the Nurse fails, as nobody understands Romeo and Juliet's passionate love. We learn that it is often hard for people with different views of love to communicate openly and honestly about love, without others being hurt or misunderstood.A not so common view of love today is financial love; where people see marriage as a financial transaction to secure their future social and economic advancement. Lord and Lady Capulet plan to marry Juliet off to Paris, for the social and monetary advantages in being linked to the Prince, through Paris. The Lord and Lady view love as just an optional extra to marriage. Lord Capulet spells out Juliet's situation to Paris, "within her scope of choice lies my consent and fair according voice". Juliet is an heiress, and her father does not intend to enrich any, but a husband of his choosing. Although, when Juliet refuses to marry Paris, her parents are furious. Lady Capulet states that she has "done with thee", and not to talk to her, for she will "not speak a word". Lord Capulet is outraged and threatens Juliet that "get thee to church on Thursday or never after look me in the face". Since the Lord and the Lady, and Juliet don't have the same views on love, the Lady and the Lord finds Juliet's rejection as an insult to their hard work finding a suitable husband, to both their likings and a groom who will advance them in that da...


Romeo And Juliet: Main Chapter Paper

326 words - 2 pages him.Friar Romeo Alack, Alack, what blood is this which stains The stony entrance of this sepulchre? What mean these masterless and gory swords To lie discolour'd by this place of peace? Romeo, oh pale ! who else, what Paris too? And steep'd in blood? Ah what an unkind hour Is guilty of this lamentable chance ! The Lady stirs.Juliet Oh comfortable Friar, where is my Lord? I do remember well where I should be : And there I am, where is my Romeo

In Your Opinion, What Is Most Responsible For The Tragedy In Romeo And Juliet?

1663 words - 7 pages example that ties in with the factor of Fate and Destiny playing a part in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is in Act 3 scene 4 Line 16CAPULET: "Monday, ha ha! Well, Wednesday is too soon,A' Thursday let it be - a' Thursday, tell her,She shall be married to this noble earl........................................Therefore we'll have some half a dozen friends.And there an end, But what say you to Thursday?PARIS: My lord, I would that Thursday were

What Events in the play of Romeo and Juliet do you think changes the course of action from romance to tragedy?

355 words - 2 pages Romeo and Juliet, two lovers who long for eachothers warmth and love. Romeo and Juliet's love caused horror and pain for both families, the Capulets and the Montagues. The epic tale went from romance to tragedy because of the irrasponsibility of the characters. The tragic story took place in the city of Verona. The familes of Romeo and Juliet have been torn apart for a reason beyond the text. Juliet belonging to the house of Capulets and

Assignment On Confusion in Romeo and Juliet

548 words - 3 pages Peter LigeiroWilliam Shakespeare's highly acclaimed drama Romeo and Juliet is the story of two lovers against fate who by their death end the quarrels between their families, the Montague's and the Capulet. After meeting each other at a masquerade, they fall in one. However, the dread between the houses proves too strong as the story ends with a tragic ending. People who become masters of their trade have first to become masters of the tool. For

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1309 words - 6 pages Free that she is madly in love with Romeo due to the family feud, she eventually deceases. The repetition in "My only love, sprung from my only hate!" refers to the idea that Juliet cannot be with Romeo since her family, the Capulets, despise the Montague family. This means that due to the family feud, Romeo and Juliet cannot be together and eventually give up their lives due to this fact. The alliteration used in the quote "Thank me no thankings, nor

"Haste Is Waste" In Romeo And Juliet

943 words - 4 pages hearing the news for the first time of Juliet's "death". He had only known from one source, Balthasar, of what happened to Juliet and that was one of the first things he had said. Neither of them would have died if they weren't so hasty.The hastiness of the Capulets made it almost impossible for Romeo and Juliet to be together. The Capulets rushed a wedding for Juliet without knowing she was already married to Romeo. A little after Juliet wed

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1685 words - 7 pages of them is, people tend to be more confident in front of the computer than to talk in real life. With this, the members hesitate less to say what they feel therefore a more honest and effective response can reaped. Of course there is a risk of fraud because you will never know whether the person at the other side of the line is really the person or is it just a fake. But it could be lessen by the introduction web cameras so that they could see

Romeo And Juliet

1147 words - 5 pages her. That is when Romeo first sees her and falls in love with her and this is the start of their rushed love. Another example that shows their rushed love is when Romeo and Juliet get married. "There stays a husband to make you a wife." This means Juliet will be married to Romeo. It is said by the nurse when she tells Juliet the exciting news about Juliet getting married to Romeo. This is when problems start to come up to them. Since Romeo is a

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1612 words - 7 pages Free accommodations are arguably a safe way to protect farmers from the uncertain evolution of the agricultural prices and from a tough competition becoming more and more global.To conclude French agriculture has dramatically changed since 1945 in many respects. From basic farming structures with relatively archaic tools, it has moved towards agri-business. Techniques, varieties, managing methods have indeed been improved in order to maximize yields. Holdings are

Romeo and Juliet: how it foreshadowing is used - ELA - Essay

478 words - 2 pages weather and tempered people all lead to a tragic event involving death. To begin with, an event that foreshadows tragedy is when Juliet contemplates killing herself. For instance, Juliet states in act four, scene one, If even your wisdom can't help me, say that my way of solving the problem is wise and with this knife, I'll put my plan into action at once. This shows a moment when Juliet thinks about ending her life for Romeo. In addition

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446 words - 2 pages Inequalities in health care and health statusInequalities in health care have resulted in disparities in health status. The impact is particularly evident amongst social class V who suffer from lower life expectancies (Townsend: 1992).There is consistent evidence that those in social class V are more likely to be exposed to multiple, environmental risks that portend adverse health consequences. They are more likely to encounter pollution, noise

Theme of Fate in Romeo and Juliet - English - Essay

851 words - 4 pages Free also provide an insight into Romeo’s state of mind. Romeo is, so grief struck that he is unable to take the time to process Juliet's death healthily. Demonstrates how fate takes over from this point in the play. Unknowingly, Romeo walks right into what fate has planned for him and accepts it. Moreover, by fate, the fake death of Juliet coincides with the state of poverty that the Apothecary is experiencing and his desperation for wealth. Romeo’s

Romeo's father figure in "Romeo and Juliet" - English - Essay

599 words - 3 pages the town to aid Romeo in his endeavors. One time when Friar helped Romeo is when he married Juliet and Romeo, as shown when Friar tells Romeo, “In one respect I’ll thy assistant be; For this alliance may so happy prove, To turn your households’ rancour to pure love” (2.3.97-99). This shows that Friar is aware that Romeo and Juliet’s households are enemies but he is willing to marry them no matter the possible anguish that may result of it. He does

themes explored in romeo and Juliet - Class 2019 - essay

801 words - 4 pages generosity of her love is limitless and vast like the sea and states that her love is as deep. Through this simile, it portrays and highlights Juliet’s ecstatic passion for Romeo. The purpose of this technique allows the audience to understand how strongly they can express their love for each other. Additionally, it will enable the viewer to visualise how deeply they have fallen in love. Shakespeare depicts the idea of love through the literary technique

What does Romeo and Juliet illustrate about the nature of love? Consider how the play portrays love - english - essay

1125 words - 5 pages similarities between what is contained in the state constitutions and the federal Constitution. For example, Hawaii’s constitution and the U.S. Constitution both include a preamble that lists general rights afforded to the people of Hawaii and, alternatively, the United States. Both constitutions contain articles specifying the powers of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. State constitutions tend to diverge from the federal