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Christine Jeon Romeo & Juliet Essay 2018.11.19
One of the famous play from William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet, the readers, believe the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’s love is due to their fate; however, the tragedy wasn’t because of their fate but due to their characteristics. The play Romeo and Juliet from William Shakespeare novel is about a long feud between the Montague, and the Capulet families. As the two families hatred and vengeance grow for each other, the love between the couple grew as well. Escalating to the two main characters Romeo and Juliet to end with the result of radical decisions leading to the suicidal death in despair. While the prologue suggests that the fate of the protagonists is preordained, the emotional, persistent, and impulsive behavior of Romeo and Juliet caused the young lovers plight.
For instance, Romeo gets introduced weeping and depressed over a rejected love, later stating nobody can teach him how to forget the love of Rosaline, demonstrating how emotional Romeo is. “She hath forsworn to love, and in that vow/ Do I live dead, that live to tell it now…Farewell. thou canst not teach me to forget.” (1.1.218-233). Romeo describes himself as if he will never love again forever remaining in a spiritless state. However, Romeo’s statement gets easily broken by meeting Juliet falling in love at first sight by her beauty. Revealing how easily Romeo can switch his unhappy emotion to lovesick emotion as well as how much Romeo exaggerates himself when he is capable of accepting the rejection and get over with it. When Romeo appeared in front of Juliet’s balcony purposing his love, Juliet didn’t accept his proposal so readily replying that this love is too rash, therefore do not swear to love her. At first, this presented Juliet as if she is mature. However, after a few more conversations with Romeo, Juliet quickly changes her mind and asking Romeo to prove his love by purposing a marriage to her.Additionally, Juliet expresses she will forget Romeo so that she will see him all the time in front of her balcony. “If that thy bent of love be honorable/ Thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow… I shall forget, to have thee still stand there/ remembering how I love thy company” (2.2.150-186). Equally demonstrates how fast Juliet can change her emotion. Juliet said the love was too rash, thus changes her mind immediately to prove it (Vague sentiment towards Romeo to loving Romeo). The easily swayed emotion, as well as easily switchable emotion that Romeo and Juliet have, enables them to fall in love quickly.
Romeo’s persuasion to Friar to consent for their marriage as well as to Juliet agreeing the marriage presents their persistence. “then plainly know my heart’s dear love is set/ On the fair daughter of rich Capulet/As mine as hers, so hers is set on mine/ And all combined, save thou must combine/ By holy marriage…That thou consent...


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1147 words - 5 pages , indispensable part of the whole play. They fall in love with each other and get married all in a rush. Their rush love leads many problems to them. One of the examples that show their rushed love is when Romeo falls in love with Juliet at first sight. "O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright." This a quote from the book said by Romeo when he first sees Juliet at the party. He compares Juliet with the torches. He describes that torches look dim beside