Romeo And Juliet Who Is To Blame For Their Death St. Theresa's, English Essay

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The Great Depression Portfolio 
Jackdaw Evaluation: 
Academic - complete any 7 activities plus the folder Applied - complete any 5 activities plus the folder 
1. LETTERS/DIARY ENTRIES(2) - Reflect actual thoughts, feelings, issues - dates/persons being 
written to are identified. 
2. ANALYTICAL GRAPH /CHART - Graph is properly set up, information used is accurate, an 
analysis shows a clear understanding of information. 
3. POEMS (2) - One or both may be created by self-depicting an aspect of the Great Depression - one or                                         
both may be collected with the author's name included and a reflection of the poem(s). 
4. POSTER - Create a poster dealing with some aspect of the Depression - should be neat, 
colourful, accurate as to its linkage to the Depression. 
5. PROFILE - Set Up as a newspaper article - should focus on a significant individual from the 
6. NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS - 2 articles neatly displayed, newspaper name/date included - analysis 
showing link to the Depression - can be from today or time period. 
7. SONGS - Collect two songs and display the words - one or both songs may be from the 1930's or from   ...

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893 words - 4 pages realizing he would soon find the women of his dreams and “for [he] ne'er saw true beauty till [that] night” (1.5. 60). Romeo and Juliet met and eventually fall in love together. They continue to sneak around due to the “new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean” (1.1.4). When Juliet’s family ordered her to marry Paris she faked her death. Soon later, Romeo went to the apothecary where he received the poison. The apothecary instructed him

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1379 words - 6 pages -weds. Two teenagers who believe they are in love, Romeo and Juliet, from William Shakespeare's play, ​Romeo and Juliet​, soon find themselves in a difficult position since their families are rivals and will not approve of their marriage. Romeo and Juliet must learn the hard way, that love does not always conquer all. Friar starts a chain of events, that eventually lead to tragedy and death. The Friar is to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s deaths

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802 words - 4 pages have to leave but he’s the love of my life, and he sacrificed everything for me. I know as my mother that you would never allow this, but it is what I must do. You need to mend the repulsion that us and the Montagues have caused. Our actions have led to this, the death of two young people, that deserve so much more. I’m sorry for everything, I know that I’m a disappointment in both you and father’s eyes, but I just wanted to be free. I really hope one day you will understand. Farewell mother, From your daughter Juliet

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489 words - 2 pages Slash, cling, clank these are the sounds that are heard in a sword fight as a man is killed. In the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare the theme death is portrayed many times by the characters Marcutio, Romeo, and Juliet.The first instance of the theme death was in act 3 when Marcutio challenged Tybalt to a sword fight. 'Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find a grave man.'(Act three, scene 1, line 104.) Also as Marcutio is dying he

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924 words - 4 pages emotions of Romeo and Juliet that they must keep their true love in secrecy. When Juliet sees Romeo in her garden, she says in shock ‘How camest thou hither tell me, and wherefore?/ The orchard walls are high and hard to climb,/ And the place death, considering who art thou,/ If any of my kinsmen find thee here’(Act 2. Scene 2.Lines 62-65) this demonstrates that both families will not approve of the love because it is impossible for the two to be

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893 words - 4 pages Romeo and Juliet essay by William Shakespea. Essay question: Why did 'The pair of star-crossed lovers' take their lives?The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is one of the most dramatic and influential love stories of all time. The play, written by William Shakespeare in the late sixteenth century tells the anguishing tale of 'star-crossed lovers' taking their lives to be together in death. This essay will discuss three points that I believe to be

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908 words - 4 pages for seeing someone who they may love, but they may find a way to get together without the knowing of their parents because of their love for each other. To add to it, another connection would be dedication. Romeo and Juliet were so dedicated to each other that they ended up dying side by side. It relates to the real world because there are couples that are dedicated by marriage and stay together until their last breath. The true couple has a love

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487 words - 2 pages could’ve went smoother. In the text it soon states, “An you be mine, I’ll give you to my friend” This shows us that Capulet decides to treat her like an object that belongs to him, and doesn’t want her to make decisions for herself. Some people may think that Lord and Lady Capulet weren’t to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s death, because they should have been more careful and not rushed their relationship. While this is true, the Capulets have had

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1323 words - 6 pages commitment to marry Paris. Because of theWhite, 2sleeping potion that he gave her, she is able to fool her family by faking her death. However, she also fools Romeo into thinking she died which causes him to commit suicide, leading to her suicide also. If Friar had never proposed for Juliet to take the potion, they would have never died. This fault leads him directly to another mistake he makes when trying to help Romeo and Juliet with their