Romeo And Juliet Writing Assignment British Literature. St Catherines Essay

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Morgan Jaboro
Mr. Morgan
British Literature, 6th Hour
24 April 2018
Romeo and Juliet Writing Assignment
In Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare, the two catastrophic lovers
go through drastic measures in order to maintain a life filled without the worries of
alienation. At the beginning of the play, Romeo was madly in love with Rosaline.
Unfortunately, she did not feel the same and did not want to be in a relationship.
Benvolio, Romeo’s cousin, told him to forget about Rosaline but Romeo replied: “O
teach me how I should forget to think” (1.1.234)! Romeo was so upset about the fact that
he had been rejected and was unable to forget about Rosaline. Romeo believed that she
was to be his opportunity to have someone and not be a sufferer of loneliness. He was
filled with great sadness and used oxymorons to express himself: “O heavy lightness!
Serious vanity! / Misshapen chaos of well-seeming forms! / Feather of lead, bright
smoke, cold fire, sick health!”(1.1.183-185). His words did not make any sense to the
readers, as these phrases were a jumble of thoughts. Romeo shows us that being rejected
by someone you love can be a painful experience, and that love “is too rough, / too rude,
too boisterous, and it pricks like [a] thorn” (1.4.25-26). Later in the play, Romeo decided
to go to his father’s dinner without even realizing he would soon find the women of his
dreams and “for [he] ne'er saw true beauty till [that] night” (1.5. 60). Romeo and Juliet
met and eventually fall in love together. They continue to sneak around due to the “new
mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean” (1.1.4). When Juliet’s family
ordered her to marry Paris she faked her death. Soon later, Romeo went to the apothecary
where he received the poison. The apothecary instructed him, “even if [he] was as strong
as/ twenty men, it [would] dispatch [him] straight (5.1.82-83). After leaving the office of
the apothecary, he made his way to Juliet’s grave. He was surprised to see Paris there and
quickly instructed him to leave. The two men end up fighting each other, and Romeo
killed Paris. He saw his precious “love! [His} wife” (5.3.100) in her grave. Due to his
fear of alienation and thinking that Juliet was truly dead, he killed himself with the poison
and ended his life with a kiss so he could be with Juliet in their eternal life.
Both Romeo and Juliet are in similar situations and are incredibly fearful to be
alone after they met each other. When Juliet...

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