Rugby Union Analysis And Evaluation Beaminster School Essay

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Rugby Union Analysis and Evaluation
As my fitness strength in rugby, I have chosen agility as I believe it is an essential aspect of my sport and something I perform particularly well at. To be agile is to move and change direction quickly (at speed) whilst maintaining control and balance. This is useful in rugby as it is necessary to both travel at speed and stay upright and in strong, well balanced body positions. In the Illinois agility test (see picture below) I scored a time of 14.5 seconds, this is above average on a National scale. I feel like this proves that agility is one of my strengths and an ability that I possess.
In a game of rugby, I need agility when carrying the ball forward, I need agility to enable me to sprint as fast as possible whilst staying on my feet and changing direction quickly and easily. Also I need to be agile when avoiding tackles and opposing players, my agility helps me to weave between other player, handing them off or going around them. In a game situation I may need to make a sudden change of direction, perhaps I see an overlap outside me or another player who is in space, but the ability is make sudden turns and movements is why agility is so useful in rugby.
Agility is essential in rugby as the quick changes of direction and bursts of speed are what can make a team win or lose a match. In a match I may take the ball from the back of the ruck and run towards the try line with the ball, because of my agility I am able to run fast and avoid tackles, his means that my agility helps me to make meters and eventually scores tries for my team.
Recently, during my match against Crewkerne RFC, my agility was shown off on multiple occasions, two of those occasions leading to myself scoring a try. It was about 20 minutes into the first half and a ruck was set on the opponent’s 22 yard line. Playing as scrum half I picked up the ball and sprinted towards the Crewkerne try line. Obviously I was met with defenders but by using my agility I was able to dodge the first tackle and plant a firm hand off on the chest of the second player. After getting past the two players in sprinted towards the fullback and the try line, once again using my agility, I managed to sidestep the full back and ran over the line to score the try.
I can justify that agility is my strongest aspect because, in another recent match, I was playing at outside centre (13) and the ball was being passed down the line, an overlap was created and as I caught the ball I began the sprint as fast as I could up the pitch. Using my agility, I was able to draw in the defending winger and pop the ball to our fullback hitting the gap at speed and from depth. He was able to run the length of the pitch and score a try for our team. This is an example of how my agility has helped my team to score tries, therefore I have a positive impact on the team and for this reason I believe that agility is most strongest fitness component.

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