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RUSN 1020
Response Paper Three Due Date: October 23rd (Thursday), 17:15 (my office - McCain, Room 3015)
Grade: 10% of the final grade
Length: 3 - 4 pages double spaced (min: 700 words) Use Times New Roman (Font size: 12). Include the word count at the end of your paper! Printed version of the assignment has to be turned in. Late assignments will be penalized according to the syllabus regulations. Instructions:
1. Read the following text (posted on BBLearn):
­ Hughes, L. "Russian Culture in the Eighteenth Century." Ed. D. Lieven. The Cambridge History of Russia. Vol. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2006. 67­77. Print.
2. Before you proceed to writing:
­ Read the text slowly. ­ Find and highlight the topic sentence of each paragraph (to see what a topic sentence is, go to: ) ­ Cir ...view middle of the document...

Instead, proceed directly to summarizing the reading. Do not interpret the reading or use judgments / personal opinions.
2. Continue your paper with a response to the selected reading. Use two sources other than
the assigned reading to support your argument. These sources should come from the

Killam library collections on Russian history / culture. In this paper you cannot introduce your arguments with I think, I consider, I believe. Remember that as a reader, I already know that your argument is what you think / consider / believe. This part of your paper should demonstrate your understanding of the text and your ability to develop a good / complete argument. When you support your argument with ideas from external sources, do not just quote or say "I find it interesting that ..." Be specific! The more specific you are, the easier it is to follow your argument. Only use direct quotes when necessary. Read about the use of quotes / paraphrasing here: Make sure your argument is complete and easy to follow. Make sure the information from external sources supports your argument. Demonstrate a variety of word choice in your paper.
4. Citation
­ In the response part of this exercise use MLA format when paraphrasing (restating ideas from the text) or using direct quotations. To read about the MLA citation style, go to:
­ If you decide to use supporting ideas for your paper from sources other than the ones listed above, you must credit the author of the source you are using. See Academic Integrity section in the syllabus for more details.
5. On the title page of your paper, write your name, your student ID # and the title of the selected reading. You will develop your writing skills quicker if you address TA's / my comments to your paper. When you receive a graded assignment, address the suggested improvements!!! In this course we are looking for progressive improvement in your writing.


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