Russian Politics Towards Central Asia Russian Foreign Policy Research Paper

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Russia in Central Asia Politics Essay
Throughout the post-Soviet policy of the Russian Federation in relation to Central Asia was changing from actually complete ignoring the region as observed in the early 90's of the XX century to the development of cooperation with them, mainly in the institutional and petroleum areas (which can be seen today). However, it seems that still and not formed some unified strategy of Moscow in Central Asia, where would be clearly visible place and the role of the region in the national interests of Russia.
When considering the Central Asian vector of Russia's foreign policy in the post-Soviet period conditionally divided into three main stages:
- The first phase covers the period of the early to mid 90's and is associated with actual exception from the scope of CA priorities of Russia against the illusory desire to become "an integral part" of the West;
- The second stage was in the late 90's and the connected with critical reinterpretation of the results of all Russia's foreign policy, including the Central Asian sector;
- The third stage, which began with the arrival in 2000 of power in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin and his team can be described as a purposeful desire to engage the region in the sphere of influence of Moscow for a major strengthening Russia's international position.
I want to look in detail at the third stage of the relationship between Russian and it's politic in Central Asia.
The third stage (2000 - present)
The coming to power in 2000, Vladimir Putin and his team was largely significant and a turning point in the development of the Russian Federation. The Russian foreign policy strategy has become more clearly expressed focus on the formation of the country as a center of international relations and the global economy.
It appears that such a fundamental transition in Moscow "from words to action" was possible only in conditions when the Kremlin appeared financial, administrative and other resources. On the one hand, due to constructed by Putin power vertical pursued a new personnel policy, in general clean-up in public administration and the Russian regions, decreased randomness and inconsistent foreign policy of the Russian Federation.
Many of the foreign policy goals became evident when Moscow was formed and strengthened the idea that the recovery of lost regional positions, primarily in the former Soviet Union, is an inevitable step to increase the international role of the Russian Federation. Central Asia in this point of view came to be seen as one of the areas where and by which it is possible to proceed with the new elements of foreign policy, such as pragmatism, flexibility and specificity. This greatly facilitated by the fact that during the whole time of the post-Soviet Central Asian countries in general have always been friendly towards Russia.
Russia's policy in Central Asia
Institutional Cooperation
Fundamentally new and important moment in the foreign policy of the Russ...


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