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Sacrifice Essay

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If you love someone and there's a need for you to let go cause that person doesn't feel anything for you or doesn't deserve you. Then let go. It's better for you to let go and sacrifice for him to be happy. Because love is not all about owning him/her maybe sometimes it's about letting him/her go and search for his/her true ...view middle of the document...

Cause there are times when it's better to let things happen, rather than insisting on how you want them to be done. There's no need for you to feel sad on losing anyone or anything in your life. Remember whenever a tree loses its leaf a new leaf is ready to take its place. To be happy we should learn to accept things we can't change, insisting what we want to happen can make things worst. Sometimes we have to give up what we thought wonderful things just to make everything alright. No matter how much we love and care for a person, if we are uncertain of our position. There will be a point when the only thing certain is to give up. Let go of the people who cannot love you back and hold on to those who will. And if the time comes when both of you already learned to forgive and forget you'll realize that the sacrifices you've been through are worth it.

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