Safe Guarding And Protecting Vularable Adults Level 5 Management And Leadership Essay

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Hayley denison P1 safe guarding and protection of vulnerable adults 11/02/2019
Analyse the differences between the concept of safeguarding and the concept of protection in relation to vulnerable adults.
The concept of safeguarding, built on from the ‘No Secrets’ 2000 and went on to create change in the emphasis with the concept of protection and this was geared towards those whom lack capacity. This looked at individuals taking more informed risks and exercising more choices for themselves rather than authorities stepping in and taking charge so to speak. Having a legislative framework allows a multitude of professionals to work together such as; Humans Rights Act (1998), Care Standards Act (2000), No Secrets (2000), ‘Valuing people (2001), Safeguarding Vulnerable adults 92001) and Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups (2006), The Mental Capacity Act (2005), Fraud Act (2006), Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (2008), Health and Social Care Act (2008) and the list goes on. These ensure that instead of taking charge to ensure individuals are protected, individuals can make decisions about themselves as much as possible. Choosing their care, making informed decisions about their lives and giving the support they need to take the necessary steps throughout their own lives. All of the Acts and legislations are set out to accomplish the same ending and that is to ensure that all vulnerable individuals live their lives and take informed risks, having choice and having their choices respected, but also ensuring they are protected from abuse and dangers as much as humanly possible. Employers ensure their staff teams have all the training and are equipped with the tools to do just that and although abuse and dangers unfortunately cannot be eliminated, we are there to prevent and to limit this as much as possible. If anything was to happen then we need to be able to support the individuals with whatever they need, ensuring they have the right support and comfort they need to not become victims of crime and abuse and help seek justice.
Shared responsibilities are also key in safeguarding vulnerable adults and children, working with not just professionals but also the public. This widens the protection of vulnerable adults.
In working in care I see legislations change often and so policies and procedures change quite often. Changing to ensure that the care sector is able to support individuals in a person centred way and in a way that is suited to them allowing for choice, dignity, respect, and the right to live a life free from abuse and dangers. Since I have begun the advice and training has changed for e.g. I have always been advised to keep my eyes and ears open and if I suspect anything untoward then I must report this immediately to my line worker or someone higher. My training was ‘abuse training’ looking at the different types of abuse so I would know what to look for and understand just how many types of abuse there was also the signs to recognise t...


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