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It is very critical to establish a non-discriminatory environment at any institution or organization. People are afforded protection at the local, provincial, and federal government levels with specific laws which prohibit discrimination abuses and enforce current laws. Organizations must take specific steps to address diversity issues to protect those within them. Many institutions and organizations have taken comprehensive steps to prevent discrimination and harassment by developing specific departments and/or programs addressing diversity issues. Diversity programs and departments seek to focus the entire organization toward meeting diversity initiatives. However, despite these programs, many institutes may find themselves in a battle between people of different backgrounds and rights and a struggle may ensue over whose rights take precedent and who needs to be catered to more. In this case, one needs to look at the nature of the complaints of discrimination and harassment and how far one needs to go to accommodate the rights that are being infringed.Discrimination can be defined as the differential or less favourable treatment of a person on the grounds of a personal characteristic, such as sex, parental status, race, age or disability. On the other hand, harassment can be defined as actions that cause intense annoyance, and behaviours which may be intended to disturb or upset and/ or are found to be threatening or dangerous. Discrimination and harassment are often used together because often physical characteristics like the ones mentioned above are a cause for harassment (Ontario Human Rights Commission).In the following essay, we will be looking at a case in which two parties with different rights clash and an institution has to attempt to accommodate both without infringing on the other's rights. This can prove very difficult because of certain laws and regulations put in place to prevent human rights from being violated and which both parties can use to their advantage.The following dispute is between a racialized person and a person with a disability. A hearing impaired student is in a class in his final year of college with a professor of Sikh background. The professor has a thick beard and speaks with a heavy accent. The student relies on reading lips to understand people and does not prefer to depend on a sign language interpreter or a note taker. However, said student is having trouble in this class because he is finding it difficult to read the professor's lips due to the accent and the beard. The students requested the help of the program chair and asked if it is possible for another professor to teach the course or one that can be available for him privately. The chair asked the students if he could make an exception and use the help of a note taker or a sign language interpreter which could be arranged. However, the student refused and claimed that this is a failure to accommodate and an infringement of his rights. He threate...


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1625 words - 7 pages Cultivating healthful environments 1 Cultivating healthful environments 4 Cultivating Healthful Environments Melissa Seiler CRRN, BSN Chamberlain University School of Nursing Nursing 500 Cultivating Healthful Environments Cultivating a healthful work environment starts with civility. Cultures of civility are grounded in respectful relationships, value of diversity, open and honest communication, equitable and fair treatment of others, mutual

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515 words - 3 pages to deal with harsh, and sometimes illegal working conditions that few Americans would put up with. If they tried to advocate for better working environments the companies would have the more vocal workers deported, therefore silencing everyone else for fear that they too might get deported. Workplaces like these exploit immigrants by paying them almost nothing and silencing them with threats of deportation. Factories and other dangerous

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1974 words - 8 pages Free mobilised the public. As a result, enactment of the Factories Act of the 1880s occurred which prompted improvements, for example, fencing around unsafe machines, ventilation measures for production lines, and the introduction of lounge and latrines in expansive working environments (Krahn, Lowe, & Hughes, 2010). Later, the state introduced more safety standards. In unionized work environments and businesses, collective bargaining additionally had a

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849 words - 4 pages problem of the relations between women and men, notably when discussing working etiquettes and environments. Throughout this film, we learned about the difficulties Josey had to meet to obtain justice not just for herself, but for others in years to come. The North Country movie is centered around the protagonist, Josey Aimes, who has entered into the mining industry with the sole focus and goal of earning enough of a living for her two children as

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969 words - 4 pages , missionaries, and charity workers who were concerned with child welfare (2). Experts printed advice literature on parent-child relations and childrearing, and developed institutions as safe environments in which poor children could escape from the negative influences of the streets (3). Child-savers also influenced several aspects of children's' lives, such as child abuse, child labor laws, and the development of the juvenile justice system. The advice

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945 words - 4 pages grievance strategies are often resolved with negotiations or arbitration rather than with union strikes as the financial repercussions of strikes impact participating union members with zero income while on strike, and business organizations suffer financial losses from reduced or zero productivity. Unions continue to exist in many states to ensure that employers legally adhere to fair employment acts such as safe working environments, hourly wages

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1129 words - 5 pages Encounter 3The purpose of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 is to hold employers accountable for providing safe environments for employees; the function of the Occupational Safety and Health Act is to develop safety standards and enforce them through inspections, citations and court action. The scope of this act covers every employee within the United States, making it necessary to share regulatory responsibilities among three

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1720 words - 7 pages Biologist, are to study “the anatomy, physiology, functions, characteristics, behavior and environments of all forms of life living in the sea and connected water bodies.” (Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, 2009). As a marine biologist, I am required to study all marine life to fully understand their behavior, which will enable me to pick up on behavioral anomalies, especially when the

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5567 words - 23 pages following these rules to ensure no incidents happen. Some of their responsibilities include; · Making the workplace safe in Sainsburys · Preventing risks to health in Sainsburys · Ensuring the machinery is safe to use at all times in Sainsburys · Making sure that working practices are put into place and practiced regularly at Sainsburys · Set up emergency plans in Sainsburys · Ensure the right warning signs are provided and maintained well in

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2224 words - 9 pages way of looking after the exceptional, natural and traditional values of the environment (Wilderness Society, 2017). Wilderness Society together with the Indigenous people as indicated above, are working on viable strategies to safely maintain the Australian lands and environments. There’s also the National Landcare Programme which is currently working on a number of strategies that involve recording and continued use, support and re

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2220 words - 9 pages Free information be guaranteed from the instant a system is set up. Security put up into the hardware (identity, secure boot, trusted execution environments, secure storage) may be introductory, nonetheless, we need protected infrastructure and network security in the cloud. The installed security all have to work hand in hand. That is, carbon neutral, smart, safe and connected. In conclusion, cybersecurity and conserving the environment have to be

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1332 words - 6 pages settlement houses in Chicago.[endnoteRef:4] These houses were set up through private funding to help give the homeless a roof above their head, food to eat, and an opportunity at an education that they would not had a chance at otherwise. After Addams’ famous Hull experiment in Chicago, hundreds of settlement homes began to appear all over America. The extent of America’s poor living conditions, unsanitary working environments, and manipulative elite

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5217 words - 21 pages include emergency and safety drills, knowledge acquisition via e-Learning courses, ongoing audits on work environment as well as talks and campaigns on health and wellness."We will also work with DOSH to promote such mentorship programmes with our other vendors. We believe that by working together to implement or enhance OSH programmes, we can promote a healthy and safe working environment that contribute to higher productivity and cost savings

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4215 words - 17 pages psychological review, 50, 370-396, states that humans are motivated by a number of needs and these can be classified into five major groups in a hierarchical manner. Those groups in ascending order are:*Physiological - the most basic needs of humans such as food, water, oxygen and sleep. In an organisation perspective this translates into adequate basic pay and a good working environment.*Safety and security - this is the need for a safe and secure