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Part 1
The purpose of this report is to provide information for both parents and practitioners involved with a young person named Joe, aged 12.
Within this report I will cover the issues and risks that I believe arise from Joe’s situation. I will discuss the strengths, his support network both at home and at school as well as the resilience factors to provide Joe with the necessary additional support. I will conclude my report by listing recommendations that I feel could support Joe going forward. To support my finding and recommendations I will be following the SHAARRI Framework and the GIFREC Policy (Scottish Government, 2015).
Issues and risks:
During conversation with both the class teacher and with Joe I established the following Issues and Risks:
· Withdrawn and disruptive in class – When the school year began Joe struggled to settle into his new class and did not make many friends as a result of this, he became withdrawn from is peers. The lack of peer relationship can have a damaging effect on an individuals wellbeing both mentally and emotionally resulting in a lack of a sense of identity and belonging in which they feel comfortable. While Joe feels he doesn’t belong and feels uncomfortable he will be reluctant to form relationships with his peers and become isolated which could be a factor in his appearance of withdrawn from lessons.
· Lack of friends – Joe states that he has not made many friends since starting secondary school. Being unable to make friends could mean Joe is losing out on a potential support network available to him.
· Irregular attendance – Regular attendance at school is vital is gaining the best education possible. At the age of 12 Joe is aware of the school’s rules and understands his responsibility including the consequences of his actions. Irregular attendance could not only affect Joe but could also have an effect on the education of his peers in his class. He states that he often feels ill and that is the reason for him staying at home and not attending school. His irregular attendance could also be linked with the need to care for his mother and be present for her.
· Self Confidence – Since moving to a bigger school Joe has stated that he felt nervous and as though he did not fit in with his new peers. He states that he was really happy in primary school because his teachers knew him and his family well. Secondary school is a new and bigger environment for Joe to enter and adjust to. It can be intimidating entering a new environment and a lack of self esteem can make the transition more difficult
· Domestic Violence - Joe talks about the holidays before starting secondary school how he has repeatedly heard his mother and father arguing, often shouting at each other once he and his sister are in bed. He suggests that it may have become violent on occasion although this cannot be proven. This environment is unsuitable for a child and can often contribute to p...


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