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Sales Force Management Case Study

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No sales person in an organization is an island. The concept of team selling has become the trend in today's business environment because it is successful. Team selling utilizes each sales person's strengths, enhances one's contribution, increases productivity and reduces turnover. Success in sales happens as the result of planning and effective execution. Careful coordination o f many resources are required on the selling side and the customer's side throughout the sales process. The goal of team-selling is establishing enduring profitable relationships between people, product and companies. Team-selling provides a fitting process for sales managers and specialists to work together to serve ...view middle of the document...

She has people in mind for the team, and understands training will be necessary for all team members. (Spiro et al 2003).Team-SellingThere are many reasons to use team-selling. These reasons include providing a strategic advantage, meeting the demands of customers more effectively, and establishing long-term quality relationships with customers.Team selling is cross-functional selling, involving getting people to work together from different areas within the company to sell and service a customer. One important aspect of team selling is choosing and training people who are team-oriented and know how to get others from different areas of the company involved for the long term with the customer.Team MembersThe team from Imaginative Staffing, Inc. should include Susan Boland, two account managers, two of the top performing salespeople, and someone to offer technical assistance, if needed. The customer does not need to deal with too many people, but there should be enough staff available in case one person is not on hand. All employees involved with the customer should the customer history and be able to assist the customer. An inside sales representative is needed for the customer to be able to call in and place an order.Needed TrainingTeam selling is the current trend in today's business world. Waterhouse Groups (2007) stated, "The goal of team selling is to establish a deep, lasting, profitable relationship between people, products and companies". Many companies are using team-selling to increase sales and profits. It is necessary to provide training when a sales force is asked to change the way they do business. Salespeople who are going to be working in a team-selling atmosphere need to develop the skills needed to be successful. Since salespeople are solitary people, essential training is needed so each member have the ability to collaborate, inform, have a consciousness and openness to others ideas, be aware to the needs of others, and place the success of the team first. Focusing on these fundamentals will build sensitivity and trust among team members (Spiro et al 2003).Planning PresentationsSales presentations should be simple with information so the customer will be able to remember. According to Huisken (2007), the real goal of a sales presentation isn't to make a sale. The real goal of a sales presentation is to develop personal trade, repeat business and referral business. A presentation needs to be relevant and make a connection with the product and the potential customer. In a team-selling environment, one person gives the presentation, while another can answer questions, or however the team decides to set up the presentation. What should not take place is each person gives their own presentation on the same product; so as not to confuse the customer. All team players should be clear on roles and responsibilities. A team should be together so the same answers and information is given to the client.Selecting and RecruitingThe set of...

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