Same Gender Attracton From A Religious Standpoint - San Diguito High School, English - Essay

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Adam Packard
FDRel 200
Same Gender Attraction
Many in the world today would say that there is no problem with same gender attraction.
As surprising as it may be to many who oppose this mindset, being merely attracted to the same
gender is not a “sin”, and in many cases cannot be controlled. There are many reasons that
people say that someone may have same gender attractions, although many of these are quite
false. The first reason that many propose is that same gender attraction is a choice. According to
a study in 1993 by the Science journal, families which contained two homosexual sibling were
very likely to have a specific marker on the X chromosome know as Xq28 (Marcia, Mallory. “Is
Homosexuality a Choice?”). However, genes do not control behavior, they merely affect it. Just
as an “alcoholism gene” may cause someone to be more recipient of an alcohol addiction but not
guarantee it, this marker merely shows a tendency to experience same gender attractions.
Similarly, in both cases the environment will have significant effects on one’s outcome. Even
with tendency to become alcoholic, someone who lives in a culture that frowns greatly on
alcohol consumption is much less likely to become alcoholic. The same is true for someone with
this Xq28 marker. If brought up in a culture that has very negative views on homosexuality, the
individual is much more unlikely to experience these feelings, and even more unlikely to act on
them. In some, or even many, homosexuality may be a choice, but for many others they are
“simply wired differently” and “carried out no rewiring [themselves]. There is very little
scientific evidence that shows that those with s...

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