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Paper 1 Language
Q2 – 8 marks
Mansfield uses the contrast of imagery of the street’s windows, which in reality were “blurred and misty” but to Rosabel seemed “opal and silver” under the light. The second description seems almost magical and creates and ethereal atmosphere which gives the reader an insight into how Rosabel views even the “dullness” as beautiful. These images also both allude to jewels creating a sense of lavishness. This is emphasised by how the “jewellers’ shops” seemed like “fairy palaces”. This is an image that incorporates both other worldly as well as rich elements, suggesting that Rosabel does not see beauty in all things under the horrible weather, but rather just the jewellery shops. They are also made to seem unaitanable as faries are not of this world, suggesting that Rosabel feels the jewellers’ shops are not a part of her lifestyle and suggests to the reader that she might be feeling envious.
This ethereal imagery sharply contrasts to how Rosabel then views the rest of the scene. She knew that her coat would “be coated in black, greasy mud”. This is a sharp contrast to the previous descriptions and makes the reader pity Rosabel. The colour black also connotes lack of splendour while directly contrasting the light tone of “silver” used to describe the jewellers’ shop and the image of the mud highlights the contrast between Rosabel’s poor situation compared to the more comfortable and magical alternative previously described.
The people in the bus are also described as dull, showing their lack of appeal to Rosabel and how she does not have interest in them. Alliterating of “sitting so still, staring” is used to show their monotonous actions suggesting to the reader a lack of life and movement. They are also described to have the “same expression” with a “whole row of people becoming one meaningless, staring face”. The lack of individuality creates a sense of dullness while how they’re on the “opposite seat” uses space to show how Rosabel feels distant and opposite in nature from them.
Q3 – 8 marks
The structure of the extract is split into two sections, the first being the present time that Rosabel is in – carrying on with her mundane routine of tea and the bus journey home. The second is a flashback of ‘all that had happened during the day’ at Rosabel’s hat shop. These two sections are directly contrasted and juxtaposed through a number of ways: the actions Rosabel carries out, the actions of the people she is with and the setting of each of the scenes. The fact that Rosabel is the one character that remains constant throughout the extract suggests that she is a central character to the plot of the story. Initially, the writer immediately sets up the time, manner and place of the story. The focus is placed primarily on Rosabel in the beginning with her buying ‘a bunch of violets’ and having ‘so little [for] tea’. This allows the writer to set up the scene and setting for the extract. Later the focus changes to Rosa...


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