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1. Say-Mean-Matter
SaySay   MeanMean   MatterMatter  
“But time is the one thing we
have been given, and we have
been given to time.”
ch 6 pg. 87
We have been given a lot of time
to use.
What are we going to do with all
our time? We should use our time
wisely. It’s important to manage
your time.
“Dragonfly nymphs, for instance,
are easily able to shed a leg or
two to escape a tight spot, but
even dragonfly nymphs get stuck
in the algae strands and starve.”
Ch 7 pg. 119
There are many kinds of suffering
in life. After one problem there
will always be another. You have
to be ready to face those problems
and get back up again. There's a lot
of problems that even the strongest
won't survive.
If you give up after your first big
problem you won't be strong
enough to face what's coming your
way. For a chance at success you
must give it your best.
“As far as lower animals go, if
you lead a simple life you
probably face a boring death.
Some animals, however, lead
such complicated lives that not
only do the chances for any one
animal’s death at any minute
multiply greatly, but also do the
varieties of the deaths it mi...

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