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Essay by Alan Hamilton 2001Assessment recording and reportingAssessment is a judgment of quality, in education, it relates to the testing and examination of students, teachers, and schools and at the end of the day the Government of the time. Whenever we enter into a relationship, whenever we do anything in a social context we open ourselves to other people's assessment. They form opinions of us, have a perceived image of us, or may instantly judge us. If they did not, then we would be essentially unpredictable to them: they would not know what to expect of us or how to behave towards us.In informal relationships, we expect people to make assessments in the light of their own dir ...view middle of the document...

·Criteria referencingA student's performance is measured against predetermined criteria. The student can attain or not attain the desired criteria (current GCSE exams are criteria referenced(Appendix 4).One of the most prevalent forms of assessment involves multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank questions that have been developed from a given set of critera that has been deemed worthy of being "necessary knowledge". For instance the battle of Hastings in 1066 had a big impact on the history of Great Britain. When students are lectured on a subject, they are overloaded with facts, statistics and information that are to be regurgitated at a later date in the form of some assessment test.But what does a student gain by completing the statement?"On the 14th October 1066 ______________________ moved against Harold, who had established himself on Senlac Hill".An answer of "Duke William" (later Known as William the Conquer) gives the student a good grade, the school administrators, and the Government of the time the statistics to wave around and say, "Another educational objective has been met . . ."Assessment GradesMuch of the criticism of assessment is aimed at the grading system, are grades an empty symbol of assessment? Grades on there own do not tell you much about the person being assessed, so their main drawback is one of omission. What grades on their own don't do is tell all that is known about the student's performance or abilities.Important qualities and features differentiating one student from another are obliterated by the grades."Is there something wrong with an exam that most people fail ?""Nine out of ten students sitting some of the subjects in the first exams of thenew vocational A- levels have failed. It has left teachers furious and studentsdemotivated and worried about their future".Sarah Cassidy (2001)(Appendix 5)Thus students who've got same grade may have tackled problems during a project in quite different ways and come up with there own ingenius ways of problem solving, one student may have had help and support with their project from their tutor, another may have worked and solved problems on their own. There is no way of knowing this from a grade alone, on the otherhand if the tutor was asked a personnel opinion of the students, his assessment may be quite different from that that the grades suggest, grading is infact an act of very delicate personal judgement."One effect of this is to repel debate a grade seems god-given and imovable whereas the, grounds on which it was decided might seem only to human and open to dispute"D Harris and C Bell (1994)Grades and percentages on there own are inadequate in conveying, what is sometimes believed to be put into them, and which other people desperately try to get back out from them again (as in the governments league tables) (Appendix 6) How could a single letter or number possibly tell as much, for example, as is contained in descriptive reports or profiles.A cartoon by Char...


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4409 words - 18 pages assessment tasks 8 Out- of - class assessment task 8 Examinations 9 Transfer between courses/units 10 Withdrawing from a course 11 Transfer from another school 11 Reviewing marks and grades 12 Appeal to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority 12 Reporting achievement 13 Retention and disposal of student work 13 Cheating, collusion and plagiarism 13 Reporting 14 Statement of results 14 Assessment Guidelines Introduction The following guidelines

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1235 words - 5 pages Comparison: Australia and South Korea By Anderson Guo The purpose of this project is to comparing and contrasting the Australian and South Korean economies through these two country’s “economic growth and quality of life”, “employment and unemployment“ and “environmental sustainability”. Australia and South Korea are two world’s major economies, South Korea is a “New industrialized Nation “and Australia is considered as a developed country, they

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2568 words - 11 pages with these two passions of mines, until fellow teacher mention ABA therapy and thought it would sound like something, I would be interested in. After doing research on ABA therapy I found that it can be do in many different settings: center based, Clinic or Hospital, in home, school, and government setting. Currently, I do not work with children face to face anymore, but previously I worked as special education teacher and child specialist for

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2469 words - 10 pages article, a short story, a series of diary entries or a play. Each of the tasks will have its own criteria and will be marked based on creativity. For these assessment tasks a teacher needs to make sure that students with disabilities have the support that will assist them to complete the tasks. This can come in a number of different forms, such as more time to complete tasks, assistance with physically writing, and smaller assessments with multiple

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1395 words - 6 pages Youth Development Study The Rochester Youth Development Study sample consists of 1,000 students (729 boys and 271 girls) who were in the seventh and eighth grades of the Rochester, NY, public schools during the spring semester of the 1988 school year. Males were oversampled because they are more likely than females to engage in serious delinquency and students from high-crime areas were oversampled based on the assumption that they are at greater

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1058 words - 5 pages 1 | P a g e School of Nursing NMIH101 Spring 2018 Details of Assessment Tasks 1. Assessment task 1 Assessment Title eLearning Posting Task Description Choose one (1) of the three (3) concepts below as applied to the health context : • self-awareness, • emotional intelligence or • empathy Based on the concept you have chosen, post a short answer (total of 700 words) in the Moodle discussion forum (in the assessment 1 folder) that addresses the

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2296 words - 10 pages Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL ETHICAL ANALYSIS PAPER 1 ORGANIZATIONAL ETHICAL ANALYSIS PAPER 9 Organizational Ethical Analysis Paper Alexandr Khlyzov Western Kentucky University Overview Steve Jobs and his friend, Steve Wozniak were the main people behind the startup of Apple Company. In fact, those two friends were talented, smart and very creative which they both dropped out of high school and they both started working for Hewlett Packard

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5084 words - 21 pages existing system of assessment used in BIBS school to assess the assignments because each delivery of the project will be done as an assignment. There are used four levels to assess the assignment, A, B, C and D. Where classification A means the best and the value is higher then 70%; classification B is middle level and value is between 60% and 70%; and classification C is the lowest and value is between 50% and 60%. If value is lower then 50%, the

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822 words - 4 pages Theorist Key ideas Teaching , learning and assessment Malaguzzi ( Reggio Emelia approach) 1. Giving the child more autonomy 2. The image of the child 3. Education based on interaction and collaboration. 4. The environment is the third teacher. 5. The role of the parent, as it is all learning together. 6. Documentation as a learning tool. 7. The importance of time. 8. The role of the teacher. Reggio Emelia have built a curriculum based around a

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1730 words - 7 pages group literacy intervention (WWC Intervention Report, 2017, p1) Some Learning styles identified in CAPSOL (Computerized Assessment Program) are: Auditory Visual Bodily Kinesthetic Individual Group Oral Expressive (CAPSOL Styles of Learning, n.d) The EOG results shows the achievement gap of Manchester widens more as the years goes by from 2014-2017 when compared to the state. The school is in need of more resources for students and teachers. Read

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1653 words - 7 pages ongoing summative assessment of the students and the programs that are used. The literacy programs that are in use are iReady, PALs, and the Reading Street textbook series. iReady is an independent, computer-generated program that students use daily as an online instructional tool. It personalizes learning for each student based on the student’s state, grade, and ability. It also connects traditional literacy and media literacy. According to


2353 words - 10 pages Management (FM) services. According to the given case study, the Scope, Time and Cost variation with project modifications were not discussed with SA health and this scenario is considered as an extreme risk but later resolved with a state commercial settlement. In the audit report, they have mentioned few recommendations for a better procurement management, which is as follows: · Frequency and content in reporting about the clinical equipment