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The view that religion should be in schools, is a view usually put across by people of faith, and is not a general view. One seldom finds the opposite view presented you dont hear people asking for humanists schools. Certainly in the UK, where there has never been an issue of separation of church and state, and where religion has/was always an aspect of all national life. It has seldom been an issue where there is much fervour, but it has always been an issue nevertheless.Those who say it should be in school, usually point to religion as a moral guide, and declaim on the lack of moral standards of the young people in schools who are brought up without a religious framework. Those who oppose it have yet to replace its moral instruction with anything systematic -e.g. the ancient moral systems of Stoicism and Epicureanism, which did not revolve around a religious message as it was.With some 40% of teenagers in the UK professing either agnosticism or atheism, the religious authorities are exerting pressure on Central Government for the inclusion of more religion in schools, and for more faith-based schools to try and ebb the.If you were looking for articles online, I would suggest the search phrase "Guardian religion schools" as one that would lead you to several useful articles on the subject.There are very few arguments that a religious leader would put for not teaching religion in schools. Teaching the faith is a core belief of all religions, and generally every opportunity offered to teach it is taken up.Sometimes, however, bad teaching or inappropriate teaching may be seen as worse than no teaching to some teachers. This is the only argument I have ever seen voiced by some religious leaders regarding the teaching of religion in schools. Also, some religious leaders would rather have no religion taught, instead of an eclectic mixture of religions taught, which put no emphasis on any particular one as actually being "true", as dangerous, and leading to moral relativism. So, some religious leaders oppose multi-faith education.


Should Prayer be allowed in public schools - Newberry College, Religion - Position paper

1114 words - 5 pages concerning school prayer.” ( The recent school shootings have brought people even of different religions to pray for the students and the school. Prayer in public schools should be allowed only in private schools that are religion based and only in public schools for clubs that are religion based clubs. Now prayer on a daily basis in schools wouldn’t be such a great idea. Think about it: what if a Muslim kid had to pray in the middle of class

my opinion on religion in schools - roane state speech class - persuasive speech

1449 words - 6 pages topic. Because of how intrigued and opinionated I was on this topic, I decided that I wanted to do the complete opposite of their statement, because I am extremely passionate about why we should NOT enforce religion in our schools. Now, I don’t want you guys to get the wrong idea, I have been raised in the Methodist church my whole life- even my mother works in a church. See this book? (Hold up Bible) Because of my upbringing, I have a deep

Segregation in the American School System

296 words - 2 pages America's school system and student population remains segregated, by race and class. The inequalities that exist in schools today result from more than just poorly managed schools; they reflect the racial and socioeconomic inequities of society as a whole. Most of the problems of schools boil down to either racism in and outside the school or financial disparity between wealthy and poor school districts. Because schools receive funding through

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479 words - 2 pages may affect children`s hearts and minds.The first step to integrate people, who have a foreign cultural background, with another color of skin, different religion or whatever, is to start integration programmes in schools. Children should be educated that all men are created equal and that every person should be accepted. We believe that this would be a good way to avoid prejudices in society and to achieve a better understanding for each

A low point of Residential Schools in Canadian History - History - Essay

1107 words - 5 pages Residential Schools The proposition of residential schools were outlined to separate First Nations children from their families so that they can be assimilated from believing in their religion. This was created through the Indian Act in 1876. The Indian Act and residential schools were created to “kill the Indian in the child.” This relates to the idea of social justice since it was unfair for all First Nations children that were forced to

Public Hellhole Or Private Paradise: School Choice Reveals All

1406 words - 6 pages in society. Who is right? More importantly, whose interests will win out?As American support for the public education system dwindles, many parents find the only place for their children to receive a quality education is in a private school. The areas that are most important to a private school are also the ones that seem to be lacking in public schools. These include safety, order, teaching the basics and challenging young minds.Across the

Creationism In Schools

990 words - 4 pages schools. We have a right to pick our own religion and we should not have to be isolated to one type in school.It is morally wrong to make people learn a certain way the world was created according to one type of religion. We depend on our individual choices to get us where we are in the world. We can't take this away from students in school by forcing them to learn a certain type of creationism. There are many different beliefs on how the way the world

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1598 words - 7 pages intervention. Today we are seeing the causes of war straying from the aforementioned and being fueled by religion. This paper will examine the question that religion is the main cause of war in todays day and age and bring forth factual information to support the claim. While the above statement is my claim and stance on the topic there is also an alternative view to my statement. While there is a magnitude of reputable sources to support my

Explain the theory of evolution by natural selection as presented by Darwin. - Geology - Research

726 words - 3 pages curricular. In the article I read, it is said that the case of Edwards v. Aguillard (1987) the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a law in Louisiana required public schools to both learn evolution and creation science violated the U.S. Constitution on the basis of religion. (Masci, David) This is important because the highest judgement of Supreme Court concluded that Evolution should not be taught. From personal experience, my biology teacher did teach the

Prayer At Athletic Events

2621 words - 11 pages in the Santa Fe Independent School District case. Publicly praying is becoming a conflict for many schools. School sponsorship of a religious message is questionable. It sends a message to members of the audience who are not of that particular religion, that they are "outsiders", and an inviting message to those members of the audience who are part of that religion, that they are "insiders". People believe ""¦if the

Should Parents Be Blamed For Teenagers' Misbehavior?

685 words - 3 pages attract opposite sex. Therefore, children misbehave because of their personal reasons.Opponents claim that parents are responsible of exposing their children to religious education. By introducing children to proper religion, children would not do things which are unethical and unaccepted by the society. It is very unfortunate that in this open society, parents do not have control over their children's choice of religion. Teenagers have the freedom

School Vouchers

1647 words - 7 pages congress.I. Although the voucher system has some viable pros and some very strong supporters, VII. Main Point: there are also many strong points opposing the voucher system.A. First, the voucher system is believed to be unconstitutional, as some say that it fails to separate church and state.B. Money is being taken away from public schools and being given to private schools.C. A large majority of private schools are religious, and religion is a

Social Groups and Institutions

543 words - 3 pages Free Race is defined as a cultural category composed of people who share biologically transmitted traits that members of a society consider important. Ethnicity is a shared cultural heritage based on having common ancestors, language, or religion that confers a distinctive social identity. (Macionis, 2005)It is my opinion that the reason that "White and Asian students define success tin school as earning high grades or African-American students

The Influence That Christianity Had On Public Morality And Education In Australia Throughout The Years Of 1788-1901

2706 words - 11 pages financial aid to the major religious groups, including the Church of England.Denominations of separate, individual churches used this aid to maximise their religious and educational influence. The governor of the government later extended the state financial aid and attempted to introduce government schools based on the national system in his native Ireland. However, non-Anglican Protestants, who had formed in 1835 a society for promoting schools

How Christianity came to Ukraine? - Post Classical History - Essay

1903 words - 8 pages Christianity in Ukraine. As mentioned before, in 988, Vladimir the Great made Christianity the official religion when Vladimir the Great baptized Ukraine and made it the state religion. It was no longer illegal for people to practice the Christian faith amongst others. From Vladimir baptizing Kiev, all of Ukraine was able to become a part of the Eastern Church which led to the construction of cathedral schools, foundation of monasteries and