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Understanding The Human Eye

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Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is similar to visible light, except it does not enable us to see things. The light that enables us to see things are called visible light because it is composed of the colour we see in a rainbow. Sunglasses are wind barriers, which will decrease the chances of tears and help your eyes keep watery. As you may know sunglasses tend to decrease the chances of headaches and eye strains. As I mentioned straining your eye is very bad because the pupil controls the amount of light entering the eye (retina) which is known to be very sensitive. The retina cannot reduce the amount of light being entered which can cause a person to squint (using your eye lids to reduce the amount of light being entered). Sunglasses also reduce shine; an example could be a car windshield which reflects light. Bright shines can effects our vision which is why you should wear polarized sunglasses when driving g because it can cause an accident

Types Of Protections Your Eye Needs!!
1. UVA- has longer wave lengths (between
290 and 320 nm) and its goes through glass
easily. It can cause damage over an
extensive period and exposure can harm
eyesight's. It can cause sun burns, it can
damage DNA which leads to aging of skin,
and can cause photo-sensitivity reactions.
2. UVB most harmful, it can burn quickly and
damage eye tissues. These rays tan your
skin and cause sunburns. You MUST wear
3. Polarized sunglasses are designed to
reduce shine like glass. This can be useful
when driving because it prevents accidents.
Types Pros Cons
UVA -cheaper
- Protects eyes
from UV ray
- Does not
protect your
eyes from UVB
- long term

- minimizes eye
affect if you
stop wearing
UVB - Less expensive
- Prevents burn
- Protects from UVA and UVB damages
-short term
affect if you
stop wearing
Polarized - Reduces shine
- Minimizes strain from eyes
- Able to distinguish objects more quickly
- Protects from UV rays
- More expensi ve
I would choose polarized sunglasses
because it reduces shine on objects and it
protects you from UV rays. Polarized
sunglasses improves visual comfort, reduces
eyes strains and it allows you to have a true
perception of colors. Regular sunglasses
filter all light whether it horizontal or vertical
but does not eliminate glare. Polarized

lenses allow vertical component of light
which causes clear vision. Vertical light is
mostly recommended because it respects
the natural tendency of the visual systems.
Also with polarize sunglasses it prevents
squinting. Squinting to see a clear image can
create uncomforting to your eye and cause
stress. These sunglasses reduce eye strains
and are better for your vision. Even though
it is more expensive than other sunglasses,
wouldn't you pick something that is better
for your eyes?
My Myopia My eyes are Myopia which means I am near sighted. I am able to see near objects clearly but far away objects appear blurred. Myopia occurs when light is focused in front of ...

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