Science And Technology In Impoverished Worlds Honors Seminar Essay

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Positive Impact of Science and Technology in Impoverished Nations
Culture dominates the way of life. Culture is “the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations” (“Culture”). Culture is associated with the concept of poverty by Oscar Lewis, an American anthropologist, creating a theory called the Culture of Poverty. The Culture of Poverty states that certain groups and individuals tend to persist in a state of poverty because they have distinct beliefs, values, and behaviors that are incompatible with economic success. According to Bradshaw the cycle of poverty “looks at the individual and their community as caught in a spiral of opportunities and problems [and view them] as mutually dependent” (14). Although bringing a change in an impoverished society’s culture is a challenge, science and technology can make a positive change for those living in the society and the nation as a whole.
Changing a society’s culture is difficult because it would encompass changing habits of the citizens. Humans repeat a routine autonomously day-in and day-out. It is part of the comfort zone that includes thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. For some, it is an identity. In order for a nation to become economically and socially stable, change is necessary. Otherwise, a nation will have passed the third level of the Culture of Poverty (Bradshaw 2006). The three levels include: interaction, individual and deterioration. The first level refers to an interaction among education, employment, the community, and individual. A decrease in employment leads to a decline in local tax revenues which leads to a decrease in education which leads to poorly trained employees. This will proceed to a deficiency of basic necessities such as food and water, and thus leading to hunger. The individual level states that a person cannot financially support themselves as well as their family if a low employment rate is present. At the third level, there is deterioration in motivation, optimism, and confidence, which consequently leads to a feeling of hopelessness. In the cycle of poverty, employment, education, and the community are all linked to the individual. Therefore, the individual has the chance to break down the chain of digression if motivation and confidence are gained. Individuals can implement a positive change through the help of science and technology.
For example, the organization, Billions in Change “develops and delivers inventions that help the unlucky half of the world obtain basic needs like clean water, reliable electricity, and sufficient food” (“About the Billions”). Billions in Change is led Manoj Bhargava, creator of 5-hour ENERGY, who has dedicated his wealth to help those in need. Using research, the organization develops reliable electricity and sets the citizens up for a new livelihood to improve their families lives. In fact, with the use of...

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