Science Biology Exam Study For Grade 11 Students Dddd Dddd

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Grade 10 Academic Exam Topics
For the final exam, you should be able to....
· Identify type of bonds (ionic and molecular) between atoms: transfer of electron(s)ionic: sharing of electron parir(s) covalent
· Explain the Law of Conservation of Mass: both sides of the equation should have equal number of each type of atoms
· Write the chemical formula for various compounds: sodium sulfate: Na2SO4 , Calcium bromide: CaBr2
· Write the name for various chemical formulas: PbCl2 : Lead(II)Chloride
· Balance chemical equations:
· Understand neutralization reactions and the reactant/products involved: reaction between acid and a base to form salt and water
· Explain complete and incomplete combustion and the products involved; complete combustion(full supply of oxygen and forms carbon dioxide and water ) , incomplete combustion( incomplete supply of oxygen and forms carbon monoxide and/or carbon and water )
· Identify the properties of acids and bases: acid tastes sours
· Understand/identify single and double displacement reactions, synthesis, decomposition and exothermic/endothermic: single displacement: reaction between an element and a compound,double displacement is between two compounds to form ppt /gas/liquid, synthesis: reaction between two elements/comopounds to form one product, decomposition: breakdown of a compound into smaller fragments
· Use the laws of reflection to determine incident and reflective angles
· Determine is an object is opaque, translucent or transparent and whether light is being absorbed, transmitted or reflected
· Identify the characteristics of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum
· Identify types of light production
· Use SALT to describe the characteristics of an image
· Use light rays to locate an image in a concave/convex mirror and converging/diverging lens
· Understand rules of refraction
· Use n=c/v to calculate the index of refraction and the speed of light in a certain medium
· Understand phenomena of refraction and total internal reflection
· Use the lens equation and the magnification equation to determ...


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2395 words - 10 pages ’ direction of the projectile’s motion was calculated. 10. The initial velocity was determined by using the horizontal projectile motion equation (Δdx= VxΔt) 11.The horizontal velocity (Vix) was calculated by using the trigonometric function of cosine, by placing the initial velocity in the following equation: Vix= Vi/cosθ, and solving for the initial velocity, where θ represents the angle. 12.The vertical velocity (Viy) was calculated by using

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2105 words - 9 pages ) Restructuring debt B) Ratio analysis C) Recapitalizing assets D) Capital budgeting 2) Fixed assets that provide the basis for the firm's profit and value are often called A) non-current assets. B) book assets. C) tangible assets. D) earning assets. 3) The final step in the capital budgeting process is A) re-evaluation. B) implementation. C) follow-up. D) education. 4) A $60,000 outlay for a new machine with a usable life of 15

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1063 words - 5 pages that provides benefits to others and takes place outside the time allotted for the instructional program on a school day, such as peer mentoring, tutoring or helping Ineligible Activities The Minister or Education has deemed that the following are “ineligible activities” for Community Involvement Any activity that:  would displace a paid worker;  would pay the students;  takes place during the instructional program of a school day;  is required

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457 words - 2 pages CLIMATOLOGISTS – The study of climate Wegener was born in Germany. He earned a doctorate degree in astronomy from the University of Berlin. However, his interests were redirected to the study of weather and climate. One method used to study climates of the past is to look at the fossil record to determine what conditions existed when the fossilized organisms lived. As Wegener was browsing through scientific papers that listed fossils, he

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1573 words - 7 pages of light in order to make food, plants also need sufficient nutrients in their soil, such as, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium in order to grow. The nitrogen helps the plants leaf grow and stay green, phosphorus is used to form new roots and make seeds, fruit and flowers and potassium helps make the plants stem strong and grow well. Other than having the ability for their root systems to obtain these nutrients from the soil, the soil

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2442 words - 10 pages on the health status of patients. may seem to represent the “gold standard” in measuring quality, but an outcome is the result of numerous factors, many beyond providers’ control. Risk-adjustment methods—mathematical models that correct for differing characteristics within a population, such as patient health status—can help account for these factors. However, the science of risk adjustment is still evolving. Experts acknowledge that better risk

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2201 words - 9 pages and create the world's climate Main processes that affect a climate system are precipitation evaporation wind flow and ocean currents Basically the components are analyzed with cause and affect or for climate scientists forcing and response · Forcing factors that cause change · Climate Response factors that change because of forces Earth’s climate has and will change a lot · Hot and Dry spell in 1930 in great plains of usa · Ice covered canada 21

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3701 words - 15 pages " in the former Yugoslavia.[9] Rather than simply killing off whole populations, government forces may carry out programs of torture. Torture can be either physical or psychological, and aims at the "humiliation or annihilation of the dignity of the person."[10] Physical torture might include mutilation, beatings, and electric shocks to lips, gums, and genitals.[11] In psychological torture, detainees are sometimes deprived of food and water for

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1001 words - 5 pages infamous Evrémonde family. So, too, does he prove his courage in his decision to return to Paris at great personal risk to save the imprisoned Gabelle. Sydney Carton​ - An insolent, indifferent, and alcoholic attorney who works with Stryver. Carton has no real prospects in life and doesn’t seem to be in pursuit of any. He does, however, love Lucie, and his feelings for her eventually transform him into a man of profound merit. At first the polar

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