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Science Fiction Story About A Kid Being Abducted And Never Seen Again

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"R.J., wake up for work," Mrs. Garbini yelled from downstairs.It was Sunday morning, and R.J. needed to get up for his weekend job doing construction with his Uncle Joe. R.J. always enjoyed going to work. He and his uncle were very close, and they always had such a good time together. Construction was also something R.J. had enjoyed ever since he was little, even if it was just building something out of blocks. He had a lot of dedication for his job; he was never late, and never called out sick!About ten minutes had passed, and Mrs. Garbini yelled up the stairs once more, "R.J. come on down; your breakfast is getting cold. Thinking that her son would be coming down in just a minute, she ...view middle of the document...

""No, I didn't, and I haven't heard from him either, which isn't like him at all," replied Joe."I know its not," replied Mary nervously, "I am going to make a few phone calls, and try to find him. If you hear anything from him, please call me.""Ok, will do," answered Joe, "Talk to you later, buh-bye."Mary thought back to the night before. She and her husband had gone to bed early that night. She knew that R.J. was going to a party at his girlfriend, Kim's house, and that Chris, his best friend had picked him up. "Maybe he fell asleep at Kim's house," she thought to herself. She decided to call Kim."Hello," answered Mrs. Galle, Kim's mother"Hi Debbie, its Mary Garbini.""Hi Mary! How are you?""I'm doing ok, and yourself?" answered Mrs. Garbini."Everything is fine here, what can I do for you?" replied Mrs. Galle."I was actually wondering if R.J. was there," asked Mrs. Garbini."No, not that I know of, but let me just go downstairs and ask Kim. I thought she said that he wasn't spending the night last night because of work, but let me just check. Give me just a second," said Mrs. Galle.About thirty seconds later, Kim got on the phone."Hello," she said sleepily."Hi Kim, its R.J.'s mom. Have you seen him by any chance?" answered Mrs. Garbini."No, he left here at about 2:15 this morning," Kim replied, Why?""Well, he never came home last night, and he didn't show up for work this morning. We have no idea where he is.""Oh my goodness," said Kim, "Have you talked to Mr. Garbini?""No, not yet. He got called in to the hospital on an emergency, and I just wanted to make sure he wasn't by you. He always calls or lets somebody know what is going on and where he is," replied Mrs. Garbini."Your right," said Kim."Can you tell me everything about last night?" asked Mrs. Garbini, "It might help us figure out where he is.""Sure," said Kim, "Like I said before, he left here at about 2:15. He was one of the last few people to leave, except for the people who were sleeping at my house.""How was he supposed to be getting home?" asked Mrs. Garbini."Well, originally, Chris was supposed to be bringing him home, but at about 10:45 last night, Chris's mom called his cell phone because his sister had gone into labor. I believe he said that he was going to take the shortcut through the woods home," explained Kim, "He told me he was going to call me when he got home, but then I fell asleep, and when I woke up earlier this morning and I didn't see a missed call from him, I assumed that he had fallen asleep as soon as he had gotten home. I figured that he was at work by now.""Thank you for all of your help, Kim," replied Mrs. Garbini, "if you hear anything or think of anything else, please call me immediately.""Ok," answered Kim, "I hope everything is ok. Bye."When she got off of the phone, she decided to...

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