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Science Is Enemy Of Man Essay

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(Science is an enemy of Man)Outline1. Introduction2. Memory problems3. Increase in pollution4. Budget Issues5. ConclusionIt has invariably been argued over the years that science is a big problem for mankind. So much so that some people have even gone so far as branding it an enemy of Man. So, it is true? And if science really is an enemy of man, then how? This essay will discuss the various problems science has presented mankind with, and how these problems have burgeoned to the point that science is now called an enemy of man.The first effect science has in on the physical wellbeing of mankind. With the advent of technology, and ...view middle of the document...

Science may be beneficial, but it also has a lot of other effects on the earth. Research and technology lead to exorbitant amounts of pollution to be released in the atmosphere. Cars, automobiles, and airplanes have all led to a drastic increase in the amount of smoke pollution in the environment with factories, and chemical industries also contributing. Science is a good thing, but when people take advantage of it, and slide off their rockers, that leads to major problems.Budget is also a concern when it comes to science. Research requires a lot of money, and most of this money is provided by governments. Money is devoted for good things like the development of cures and vaccines, but money is also devoted to the pointless production of guns and other weapons of mass destruction. Every moment, scientists are working toward developing a more lethal weapon that would effectively wipeout the world. The funneling of all this money into research means that other issues like poverty and homelessness do not get the money they deserve, which is why there are still so many poor and destitute people in this world.Therefore, looking at the above points, it can be seen that science is an enemy of man among various counts. With the increased spending on research and technology, there has been little money left for development, infrastructure, and general wellbeing, not to mention the exponential growth in pollution due to science and technology

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