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CIRCLE the correct response for each of the following questions 1. What is Atomic Mass?

a. The total number of protons in the nucleus b. The total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus c. The total number of electrons and neutrons d. The total number of electrons in the outer orbit of the atom 2. How many electrons are in the element chlorine?

a. 17

b. 18

c. 7

d. 35

3. What is the general name of an organism that recycles matter in ecosystems and breaks down waste from living and dead things?

e. Primary Producer

f. Consumer

g. Omnivore

h. Decomposer

4. What is the term defined as "the FORCE that moves electric charges in a circuit?" a. Power b. Current c. Voltage d. Resistance 5. What is the Unit of Measurement of RESISTANCE?





6. What is the source of all energy in Earth's ecosystem?

The ocean

The sun

The wind


7. What is the dominant scientific theory about the origin of the Universe i. Evolutionary Theory j. Big Bang Theory k. Collision Theory l. The Theoretical Beginning m. None of the above 8. What is a large fragment of rock from space that strikes Earth's surface called?

a. Meteorite

b. Meteor

c. Asteroid

d. Comet

9. What is the TYPE OF ELECTRICITY that (1) involves an imbalance of charges, (2) requires a stationary buildup of electric charge and (3) does NOT have electrons move along a path?

c. Current

c. Electrically-charged c. Static c. Law of Electric Charges 10. An element has 25 electrons, 25 protons, and 25 neutrons. What is the element's ATOMIC NUMBER?

n. 25

o. 50

p. 75

q. 0

11. What are the cool spots on the surface of the Sun called?

r. Solar Flare

s. Corona

t. Sun Spot

u. Photosphere

12. The Law of Electric Charges states that LIKE CHARGES a. Do not move b. Attract each other c. Repel each other d. Ignore each other 13. What is the TYPE OF CIRCUIT if three light bulbs are linked in one circuit?

a. A Parallel Circuit b. A Series Circuit c. Separate Circuits d. One System 14. What is the name of the FAMILY of elements that share the following characteristics: (1) very stable, (2) do not readily react and (3) outer shell is full?

v. Transition Metals

w. Halogen Gases

x. Earth Metals

y. Noble Gases

15. What type of eclipse occurs when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon?

z. Solar Eclipse

aa. Lunar Eclipse

ab. Annular Eclipse

ac. Moon Eclipse

16. What is the name of a substance that carries electrical energy without much resistance?

Voltage Drop

Electrical Load



17. What is the MAXIMUM NUMBER of electrons in Orbit #1?

a. 0

b. 2
c. 8
d. 18
18. A substance made up of MORE THAN ONE type of particle a.
Pure Substance




19. This device measures the flow...

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