Scientific Theories: This Essay Describes The Findings Between David Keeling And Gilbert Plass. - Earth Science - Essay

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Scientific Theories
Scientific Theories
Every person has there own idea of viewing or interpreting certain things. Whether that
be political, religious, or scientific we are each given an opportunity to choose. In particular,
Charles Darwin and Charles keeling had very unique ways of discovering truth.
In the mid 1950’s, two researchers began studying carbon dioxide levels in the
atmosphere. David Keeling was one of them and had been measuring carbon dioxide levels in
various areas of the country. While working on this project, he decided against working in a
chemistry lab in favor of working in an emerging field called “Geochemistry”. His study was
conducted from May until September of 1955 spending most of his time collecting carbon
dioxide samples while on a camping trip. However, they ran into a problem with a hungry deer.
That night Keeling heard a noise and rushed out of his tent and found his notebook with the
pages showing teeth marks of the deer. Later on, he discovered that two invisible carbon dioxide
levels exist. “Respiration occurs day and night, but a net drop in carbon dioxide occurs during
the day due to the greater rate of photosynthesis,” as described by Keeling.
Gilbert Plass was the other scientist who had been working on a similar project. While he
was studying the absorption of energy by carbon dioxide, he started to research heat-seeking
missiles. He ran many tests, examined his observations, and calculated temperatures. After
importing his calculations into his computer,...

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