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Lecturer: Giang Nguyen SCLM 449
Case Study 2
Group 7:
Nguyen Hieu Nhi
Nguyen Thi Ai Vinh
Nguyen Thi Tu Trinh
Truong Thi Tu Nguyen
Duong Thi Phuong Thao
Summary of the current situation and quality management system of VWG 3
Suitable alternative tools and techniques 4
New approaches for quality management system for the company 5
Recommendations for implementation action plan and possible timeline 7
Conclusion 8
References 9
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I. Summary of the current situation and quality management system of VWG
In 1947, VWG had been founded in Blackpool. This company began to manufacture hand crafted automotive parts.
In the early 90s, small sports cars became popular, they decided to make an innovation. It means that they would modify, assemble in order to enhance the quality of cars. Their products are premium cars which are different from the other companies. Therefore, they placed craftsmanship ate the heart. This was why their products have a high price.
In 2010, with the demand of customers, VWG sold their in-house products and designs to other car assembly plants. Moreover, they could manufacture high end a chrome plated gear shift, dash surround assemblies and door handle which were their innovation.
With this achievement, their products penetrated the foreign market.
However, in 2013, turnover was higher than £38 million, pre-tax profits were only £2.8 million which was seen as the lowest profit margin in the previous 5 years. The CEO explained that: “During the transition, the company has not achieved efficiencies of production, so we have to find some solutions to fix this problem.’’
Quality management system:
· Firstly, all cars which leave the assembly line will be inspected in order to ensure that they satisfy the high standards of the company.
· Secondly, they take 10% most items as a batch “ sample basis” in order to check the quality. This activity will be completed after the polishing process but before packaging process. If any batches are rejected, they will be inspected 100%. Regarding the chrome plated gear shift, they will be inspected 100% for both surface finish as well as dimensional accuracy. If the degree of the defect can not accept, rejected parts will be reworked or scrapped.
· Thirdly, Quality Assurance Department staff have a right to check quality problems of the production staff. But in fact, the quality and manufacturing team can negotiate together. Therefore, the inspectors are usually joked and pranked in terms of enjoying the expense of Jonh’s team.
II. Suitable alternative tools and techniques
From the perspective of finding the problems in the VWG car manufacturing company in the early stage, there are many factors related to the quality issues in the company thereby needing a tool that has specific features in defining, analyzing and covering the whole problems. Therefore, we should use the cause – n –...

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