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1. Executive Summary
The project includes constructing Europe's first underwater museum in the eastern Atlantic Ocean with about 300 sculptures of different varieties, including manmade, organic, and abstract designs. The project is planned to portray and protect the environmental features of Lanzarote island. Constructing artificial reefs would help attract new wildlife species and increase the island's biodiversity. The use of pH-neutral cement for building sculptures would help the aquatic features of the island to flourish and in the reproduction of species. The project also introduces scuba diving on the island. The museum's construction would be completed in about three years with an estimated budget of $800,000 or 700,000 Euros.

2. Business Objective

2.1. Business Need/Opportunity/Objectives
The project's objective is to provide a reason for tourists to travel. The island created the need to build an underwater museum named Museo Atlantico in the eastern Atlantic Ocean in Europe. The museum would also promote the culture of the Canary Islands and create awareness to protect marine life. Overall, this project would benefit the residents' employment opportunities and make another source of income as tourism. In addition, this project was Europe's first of its-kind underwater museum, thus, promoting Europe. To create an artificial reef for marine life, which would increase the biomass of sea life.

2.2. Product Description
The project will entail the construction of Europe's first underwater museum in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, also helping portray and promote the island culture, which would be a significant attraction for tourists. Also, the construction of an artificial reef would attract more wild sea life creatures. The museum would be designed so that the tourists could get a museum in different ways, such as glass-bottom canes and scuba diving.

2.3. Deliverables
Construct an underwater museum meeting the project requirement and objectives.
Three hundred sculptures for the museum.
Increase diversity of marine life.
Employment opportunities for the residents.
Report Documentation on the completion of the project.

2.4. Product Acceptance Criteria
The project will meet all the requirements listed in the BRD.
The diving community and residents would benefit from this museum's construction.
The project would contribute to protecting and preserving marine life and the environment.
Increase employment opportunities for the residents.

2.5. Project Constraints
Location: The museum should be built away from the natural habitat of endangered species and should not interfere with natural reefs.
Budget: The cost of this project should not exceed $800,000 or 700,000 Euros.
Schedule: The project should not take more than three years to complete.
The museum should not be closed for more than ten consecutive days of a year for extreme wind precautions.
The project must follow the steps of ...

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