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How Scout Develops as a person
To Kill a Mockingbird was written by Harper Lee in 1960. When the novel was published it received a lot of critical attention as well as critical acclaim. The story centers around the main character Scout. During the course of the book Scout develops from an innocent child to humane compassionate person. Several events occur during the book which tests her moral foundation. In fact those event makes her into a more compassionate and humane human being.
Scout is being brought up by her father Atticus and their housemaid Calpurnia during the mid-1920. The mid 1920’s was a time of civil racial prejudice and closed segregated views especially against Afro-Americans.  Her father has brought her up protecting her from hate and racism.  He has had a major effect on her and has been a great role model. He has taught her to think, to question and to make her own choices and decisions. However he can’t completely protect her from the upcoming events or the reality of the life in the southern United States[1].
One of the things that eventually trigger her development as an individual is her relationship with Boo, The Mysterious neighbor. Other neighbors have judged him and believe that he is a bad person. Ultimately he is the one who saves her and her brother. And from Boo she learns the true value of not judging people without knowing them.
With her relationship with Calpurnia, she is saved from racial discrimination and she has as well given Scout a perspective of the true value of a human being, whatever their color may be. A great example is when Calpurnia brings Scout and Jem to the local Afro-American Church. While being at the church they are being approached by an Afro-American woman who states that they aren’t welcome there. Calpurnia reacted by defending them...

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