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A Scream Upon
By: Alexandria Harris
A loud scream comes upon a quite house. Black crows scatters from the trees. No one knew who lived
in this house! The house would rattle in the night. Screams would peer into the night.
Group of teens would play around , daring each other to step foot upon this house. No one was
brave enough. A boy by the Name of Jimmy B who live two houses down. He was more then brave.
He would look through his bedroom windows watching that house every night till the morning.
He would notice the rattling, screams, and the slamming of the doors. He would also see the doors open
and close no one would appear.He had to see what was inside.
The next morning Jimmy sat thro ...view middle of the document...

"What is your name?" said Jimmy. Again there was no response. Jimmy didn't know what was
next. He searched around for a light switch using the flash light from his cell phone. On the wall behind
him was a huge panel of light switches. He flicked all of them on. The lights turned on one by one.
Marble floors, gold couches, a huge piano. This house looked like Betty White or Gladis Night
and The Pips stayed there. Jimmy was amazed. He'd never think this house would look like this inside.
He seen the bald headed man hiding in the corner like he was afraid to show his face.
"Mister , are you okay? said Jimmy. The bald headed man shrugged his shoulders like he didn't
want to be bothered. "I'm here to help you" said Jimmy as he laid his hand on his shoulder. "You are?"
said the bald headed man in depression. "Yes, what's the matter?"
The bald headed man replies, " I cant seem to get happy. I was born with my hands on my face
and no one wants anything to do with me." Jimmy stared as he tried to remember where he has seen
this man before. "This is not my home. I belong frozen in a picture frame worth millions!" said the bald
headed man. Jimmy replies " I can help."
Jimmy began pasting back and forth thinking of who this man was. Was it Run DMC, Marlon
Wanyes, Lil Wayne? Jimmy's brain was giving up on him. He'd been thinking for two hours now. He
asked " Where were you before you were here?" The bald head man replied " I lived in expensive
picture frame. I was created by a guy who died years ago."
Jimmy put clues together. He realize this bald headed man was the man he has seen in art
Museums, or on television. This man was famous. Ji...

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