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MIT Screening Report
How does the use of color convey and complicate character in Far From Heaven?
In Far From Heaven, the color pattern plays an important role in the development of the characters. Especially colors play a significant role in the development of Cathy Whitaker one of the main characters. During the entire movie, the Red color is shoving the transformation of her beliefs. Cathy is an ideal woman in a patriarchal society. She lives in her small bubble without working about the next day. She is so confident and convinced about everything. That is why she wears the Red color during a variety of episodes. This color symbolizes power and influence.
At the beginning of the movie, Caty wears red during her meeting with the friends. The character is considered the most successful woman in the community. She has a beautiful house with flourished backyard, a successful husband, and exemplary children. Their family is considered ideal. Even a reporter came to take a picture of her and write an article for the newspaper. I think that Red color underlines the clarity of her desires and the power of her character. But everything changes after her meeting with Raymond.
The scene when the wind stoles the scarf is very important. Cathy is wearing the red dress, but her scarf is violet. Violet is the symbol of doubt, change, and sadness. Use of this color outlines the loneliness of the character. Cathy is surrounded by a lot of friends, however, she can't share her thoughts with anyone. Cathy sta...


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730 words - 3 pages objective c. Target cliental d. Recommended Period of Investing Submissions: This report will be submitted through Turnitin by the 19th October, 2018. Details of the report will be provided at a later stage. A late penalty of 1 mark (or 5%) of the assignment mark applies for each working day the assignment is delayed. This means that after 20 working days the assignment is worth zero marks (since the assignment is worth 20 marks).

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