Screwtape Letters Comprehensive Questions - Richmond Academy British Literature - Assignment

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Adriona Hanks
Callie Williams
British Literature
May 2, 2019
1. Write down four words that you don’t know the meaning of in today’s reading. Google
their definitions and write what the words mean.
a. bawdy-​dealing with sexual matters in a comical way; humorously indecent
b. priggish-self-righteously moralistic and superior
c. austerity-sternness or severity of manner or attitude
d. incongruity-not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of
2. Why is Screwtape in favor of Wormwood’s patient’s new friends? What effect will they
have on him?
a. Screwtape is in favor of the patient’s new friends because they are a superficially
intelligent, rich, smart, and skeptical of everything in the world. Wormwood
should get the patient to have those type of friends because the patient will try to
please them and become like them. The effect is that the patient will become
what he pretends to be.
3. What is the “subtler and more entertaining method” that Screwtape recommends for
Wormwood to use on his patient? Make sure to explain both sides of it.
a. The subtler and more entertaining method is that Wormwood should encourage
the patient to be happy that the two sides of his life are different. It is achieved by
exploiting his vanity. The patient will feel superior to people that go to church
because he has such worldly friends. His other side will feel superior to his
worldly friends because they don’t understand his spiritual life.
4. What are the first ​two​ kinds of human laughter described? Describe both. Which is
better for Wormwood to use?
a. The first two kinds of human laughter are joy and fun. Joy is great pleasure and
happiness like reuniting with loved ones. Laughter caused by joy is unknown, but
doesn’t win souls to hell. Fun is emotion that comes from the play instinct. Fun is
better for Wormwood to use. It’s not as useful as the others, but distracts people
from doing or feeling other things the Enemy has for them.
5. How does “...

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