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World Threat Analysis Project
What is the Kashmir Conflict?
Before 1947, India was a part of a union that was under the control of the British Raj. Due to World War II, Germany destroyed Britain’s economy, causing Britain to no longer be able to financially maintain military forces in India.
But before leaving India, Britain separated the region on the basis of religion, giving rise to two nations: India and Pakistan. This separation was officially known as the Partition of India.
After the partition, a problem arose surrounding the new state of Kashmir, existing within the borders of the newly independent countries.. At the time, Kashmir was ruled by Maharaja Hari Singh. In spite of being a Hindu leader, many of Maharaja Singh’s followers were Muslim.. This led to his decision in wanting new trality for Kashmir; he managed to keep the region independent for two months by signing a stand-still agreement with Pakistan and sending a similar agreement to India, which favored continuing peaceful discussions.
In October 1947, Singh’s hopes of remaining independent were quickly shattered.
Disturbed by new violence occurring between Muslims and Hindus, the Maharaja fled to India and appealed for military assistance.
India’s governor general however, contended that it would be far too dangerous to send troops to a neutral state unless Kashmir first offered to accede to it.
Soon after, on October 26th, the Maharaja signed ...


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