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​animal farm :chapters  
1-2 & 3 summary 
the book “animal farm” is written by george orwell,orwell wrote animal farm to 
illustrate the way stalinism had betrayed the ideals of the socialist revolution in the 
soviet union.orwell called it as he saw it,and like other leftwing intellectuals,was 
dismayed at stalin,a person he depicts as napoleon the pig in the novel. 
CHAPTER #1 after mr.jones,the owner of manor farm,falls asleep in in a drunken 
stupor,all of his meet in a big barn at the request of old major,a 12 year old pig.major 
delivers a strong and meaningful political speech about the evils inflicted upon them by 
their human keepers and their need to rebel against the reign of man.after elaborating 
on the various ways man has exploited and harmed the animals.major mentions a 
strange dream of his in which he saw a vision of the earth without humans.he then teaches 
his fellow comrades a song called--”the beast of england”--which they sing until it wakes 
up he then gets up and grabs his gun thinking there is a fox in the yard and fires 
it.frightened by the gunshot the animals disperse and go to sleep. 
CHAPTER #2 old major died the next day old major died.after the death of old major,the 
animals spend their days secretly planning the rebellion,although they are unsure when it 
will occur,because of their intelligence,the pigs are placed in charge of educating the 
animals about ANIMALISM,the name they give to the philosophy expounded by old major in 
chapter 1.Among the animals snowball and napoleon(both pigs) are the most important to 
the revolution.despite mollie’s(a beautiful mare) concern with ribbons and moses(a 
grumpy donkey)tales of a place called sugar candy mountain,the pigs are successful in 
conveying the principles of animalism to the others.when jones again into a drunken 
sleep and neglects to feed the animals,who break into the store-shed in search of a 
meal.when jones and his men arrive ,they begin whipping the animals but soon they find ...

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