Sea Turtle Nesting Season In Pinellas Beaches - APA Composition - Essay

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Sea Turtle Nesting Season in Pinellas Beaches
Sea turtle nesting season in Pinellas Beaches
St. Petersburg College
Sea Turtle Nesting Season in Pinellas Beaches
The article “Turtle nest on the coast of Florida” by Marcia Biggs explains about the annual
turtle-nesting season. Many people, local and tourists, have no clue that sea turtles are
nesting along the Pinellas beaches. Major factors that affect nesting include beach erosion,
pollution, severe storm events, and coastal development. This informative article is intend
to give information about the turtle nesting process while explaining how to proceed in case
a turtle nest is found.
Sea Turtle Nesting Season in Pinellas Beaches
Turtle nests on the coast of Florida
According to the article every year in May, sea turtles nest their eggs on Florida’s
beaches. ”Last year was a good nesting season, say sea turtle experts, continuing an
upward trend over the past several years” (Biggs, 2016). The biggest issue is to keep the
sand clean to the turtles do their nests and to monitor the summer storms that can be
devastating, so nest monitors need to keep abreast of the weather.
The alert level for this issue is high because the number of turtles decrees every day
in the world and the risk of extinction is real. All species of sea turtle are classified as
Endangered (WWF, n.d). The reasons for that is the hinting for their eggs, meat, skin and
shells, sea turtles, face habitat destruction. Climate change also has an impact on turtle
nesting sites interfering on the procreation of the specie. So preserve the procreation and
nest of the turtles is essential.
Volunteers and interns monitor 26 miles of beaches in Pinellas County. Many
visitors and the local population have no idea that sea turtles are nesting along the
beaches here. “It’s all about education. Our job is making sure the babies get to the water
and get a chance to grow up. says Widlansky” (Biggs, 2016). Many sea turtle fans seem to
possess a passion and devotion akin to fight to protect them. Patrollers happily walk the
beach for hours starting at the crack of dawn or sit through the night nest-watching.
Volunteers set up booths and spread turtle awareness at festivals, str...

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