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IT governance basically provides an organizational structure for aligning IT strategy with
business strategy. In Simple words, it provides framework of best practices and controls for an
organization. It enables an organization to make decisions to ensure its IT sustains and expands
its strategies and objectives.
IT governance ensures that an organization focuses on:
1) Achieving the business goals by utilizing IT strategies
2) Monitoring Risk Management by IT support
3) Combing IT strategy with organizational goals and business purpose.
Organizations now-a-days are majorly focusing on its confidentiality, disaster recovery,
accountability and many others. IT governance helps an organization deal with such issues and
follow best practices to resolve them. Effective governance can be established by identifying key
decisions and these can be taken by the stakeholders, shareholders, vendors and customers of the
clients. And this can be implemented by commencing a framework created by the organization
experts who define the organizational culture and the appropriate policies to be followed in order
to meet the business needs.
Matching the business approach and structure of the firm is possible by four factors of IT
governance, Risk Management, Resource Management, Performance Management and Strategic
alignment. And this article discusses about a general governance plan that exists in any firm.
There are few frameworks that are commonly used in the corporate world, namely: FAIR, ITIL,
CMMI, COSO etc. These frameworks deal with Risk Management, IT service Management,
Performance Management, enterprise risk management respectively. An Organization chooses
the right framework depending on what key metrics the management needs and the firm’s major
focus. Few Organizations might n...


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