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Advertising Plan
Assignment 2: Advertisement Plan
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Harpreet Singh Sandhu Lisa Gaudino-Korosak
Arshdeep Singh
Gursimran Singh
Diallo Eccleston
Nivea Men Active Clean Shower Gel is used by men between age 18-35. It is Multi-purpose product that used for clear and soft skin as well as for hair wash.
It is vivid that from Market analysis that Nivea facing problems and some opportunities as following:
Main Implication: Based on Nivea Men’s brand analysis, main competitor analysis, product category/market analysis and external influences shows that
Nivea Main competitor share and sales shooting down on high rates, Nivea sales and share in market didn’t increase as main competitor falls, which means other smaller competitors gradually gaining Gillette share in market.
Age of Canadian older population Changing on significant rate. This lead to change in target market because around older population will be 9.4 million by 2020. As the baby boomers getting older and older, eventually they won’t be anymore. By this millennial will replace them and become main target market.
It is recommended that Nivea needs to build stronger relationship with millennial and making them loyal to brand and stick with Nivea product for years.
Opportunities: Major proofs in Marketplace overview shows that changing Canadian marketplace as whole market span and change in customer preference and wants which bring opportunity to of growth for Nivea.
· Nowadays, Men’s care more of their skin, hair and overall looks.
· Men’s are getting more aware of skin care product compare to past. Nowadays, Men carefully analyze feature and benefits of product before buying.
Target Profile
· Gender: Men
· Age: 18 to 35
· Education: College Diploma
· Household size: 3+
· Marital status: Single
· Canadian 2nd generation Immigrant
(Gaudino-Korosak, 2018)
Nivea active clean shower gel user are hygienic and Confident.
Majority of the target prefer to read ingredients before purchase of product.
They believe in taking care of their skin in primary responsibility towards healthy skin.
Majority of target think pragmatically and prefer high quality product in low price.
(Gaudino-Korosak, 2018)
Region: Ontario.
City: In Ontario, majority of target is located in Toronto city.
Target type: Urban
(Gaudino-Korosak, 2018)
Majority of target states: They use Nivea active clean shower gel at morning shower.
Nivea Active clean shower gel main “benefit segments” – economic and cosmetic.
Nivea active shower gel uses daily by the consumer for shower and hair wash.
Majority of Nivea consumer are loyal to brand.
(Gaudino-Korosak, 2018)
· Main motivation of customer towards Nivea is benefits for skin and get healthy skin. and customer have Neutral attitude...

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