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Great Expectations section 2 notes
· Pip travels to London where he is disgusted about the amount of trash throughout the city, the stench and the huge crowds in the big city.
· Eventually Pip goes back to his home,i thought that this was a better setting for story compared to the quite frankly gross london.
Pip’s Development:
· Pip is finally getting what he wanted: to become a gentleman. He also gets an unlikely tutor to help him on his way.
· Pip also gets a taste of what it seems to be like on the higher end of the social class.
· Pip seeing the gallows also seems to evoke old emotions of guilt in him for releasing the escapee from his chains.
· Pip continues to treat his family as a lower class, afraid that his new “friends” will disapprove of his old life. He only warms up to Joe when he visits because Joe tells him that Estella is back in town and wants to see him again.
· Pip also feels even though he is on his way to becoming a gentleman, he is still poorly suited for Estella’s stature as a lady.
· Pip finally turns 21 marking his transition into adulthood. He wants to know who his benefactor is, but Jagger still won’t budge.
· When pip is around 23 he finds out who his benefactor is but is very sad that it isn’t Miss Havisham,this just confirms his fears that he won't date estella .
· Wemmick is introduced as Jaggers Clerk and is a very professional and clinical character at first. When wemmick returns to the estate with pip he seems to lighten up more
· Pip meets the boy he earlier fought at Satis house. This character is named Herbert Pocket who also happens to be the son of Pip’s tutor.
· Pip gains some students and their names are Startop and Bentley Drummle
· The convict that pip saved many years ago was revealed as the benefactor.
· Jagger is a mysterious ...


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