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Now a days security is the major concern of every institute, organization, city, country and even our houses because of the prevailing threats that are increasing with the passage of time. If you don’t take security measures properly, you might face huge loss of equipment, theft or even your life therefore it is very important to take security measures seriously. Now a days many barriers are used to create a hinderence for the threat in shape of physical, animal or human barriers.
For example if we take example of UMT they are many security measure that are taken to prevent and keep the threats away as much as possible and if something happens to take immediate action on it. There are physical and human barriers at the entrance and the security is also present inside the permises of the UMT. After conducting the security survey I got to know that the university seeks to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the security and safety of all students, staff, visitors within or at Campus premises. The Security team is responsible for the effective operation and enforcement of the Security Policy and Procedures. The campus has the rights to take any action against the person who breaks the law of the campus and it is the duty of everyone who sees any illegal activity, to report to the security personnel and if he or she does not then he is also a part of the crime.
· To make proper policy and procedures and make sure to act upon it .
· To make sure that all the operations of the campus go smoothly.
· To make that the staff is well trained and have some education.
· To create a feeling of security for the people inside the campus that they are in safe hands.
· To provide a safe and secure campus that will create and maintain a feeling of safety and security for all.
· Affording dignity and respect to every individual.
· Develop a cooperative relationship with all members of the campus community.
· Maintain a well trained, community oriented, professional work force.
· Create an environment of teamwork through trust, commitment, collaboration, perspective, direction and cooperation.
· Bomb Threat.
· Terrorist Attack
· Union Fights
· Bank Robbery
· Bike/Car Stolen
· Unauthorized Persons
· Immoral Activities
· Smoking in Prohibited areas (Drugs)
· Arms Threat (Weapons)
· Kidnapping.
· Hacking University Site
· Rectors protection
· Projectors may be theft
· Religious fight
· Protest
· Fire Emergency
· Injury to any University People
· Fences
· Dark areas (on Light)
· Fake ID Cards
· Examination Department Security
· Too Much Noise in Building
· Nobody Have access to top of Building
· Student Fight while Playing
· ATM Protection
· Café Discipline
· Food Quality
· Use of Knife and spoons
· Robbery
· Plants Protection
· IPC Equipment
· Washroom Cleanliness (Germs)
· VIRs Protection
· Electricity...

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