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Aim:To test which condition (external or internal) best suits the growth of seed germinationHypothesis:I would assume that the seeds that were placed outside in their natural environment would have a better growth pattern than that of the internally grown one due to the fact that its exposure to nature's day/night length, natural sunlight rain and temperature are the necessary elements for successful seed germination.Apparatus:4 Containers (preferably 0mm x 200mm x 100mm)Small bag of potting mixPacket of pea seedsRuler for measuring seed growthWatering canMethod:(1) Pour potting mix into two exact size containers (filling ¾ of the container)(2) Place four seeds (25mm deep) in each ...view middle of the document...

However, to my surprise the internal seeds had grown a lot better to that of the outside ones. I again carried out the experiment in order to confirm if the outcomes would change. During my first experiment weather conditions were not all that favourable. Cold cloudy, rainy and windy conditions may have had an impact on the results so it was necessary to see if this changed the results.After completing the experiment the second time, again the internal seeds had a much better growth pattern then the external seeds.I concluded that the temperature and light played a significant contribution in this case as the temperature inside remained consistent and warmer than outside. This is why seasons play a...

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