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Aim:To test which condition (external or internal) best suits the growth of seed germinationHypothesis:I would assume that the seeds that were placed outside in their natural environment would have a better growth pattern than that of the internally grown one due to the fact that its exposure to nature's day/night length, natural sunlight rain and temperature are the necessary elements for successful seed germination.Apparatus:4 Containers (preferably 0mm x 200mm x 100mm)Small bag of potting mixPacket of pea seedsRuler for measuring seed growthWatering canMethod:(1) Pour potting mix into two exact size containers (filling ¾ of the container)(2) Place four seeds (25mm deep) in each corner of the containers(3) Place one container outside in full sunlight and one indoors with no sunlight(4) Water plants once a day(5) Record results everyday(6) After two weeks repeat test to ensure that the results have not altered and to limit any substantial variations in the important elements (e.g. light, temperature and rain) that may cause a different resultVariables:Dependant variable: Growth of seedIndependent variable: Environment (internal/external)Controlled variables: Type of seed, size of container, type of container, amount of soil, type of soil, amount of water given to the plantDiagram:Results:Inside trial oneInside trial two Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3 Seed 4Day 1 0 0 0 0Day 2 0 0 0 0Day 3 0 0 0 0Day 4 15 0 0 0Day 5 38 14 9 0Day 6 66 20 13 0Day 7 94 46 25 6Day 8 112 54 30 11Day 9 121 64 30 13Day 10 124 73 31 14Day 11 134 114 32 19Day 12 145 135 33 28Day 13 157 139 34 30Day 14 164 147 35 30 Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3 Seed 4Day 1 0 0 0 0Day 2 0 0 0 0Day 3 0 0 0 0Day 4 13 3 1 0Day 5 35 15 10 0Day 6 65 30 17 3Day 7 90 49 27 12Day 8 108 61 33 17Day 9 116 78 39 23Day 10 121 86 48 27Day 11 124 116 56 31Day 12 131 128 64 34Day 13 143 139 68 39Day 14 158 155 73 44Outside trial one Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3 Seed 4Day 1 0 0 0 0Day 2 0 0 0 ...


A literature review based on the decounting kmart australia - Robina - Essay

552 words - 3 pages the endosperm and allows the process of germination to begin. Many researchers (e.g., Ogle, 1999; Harper, 2006; Grange & Grange, 2001) have reported that artificial application of GA in even minute quantities promotes faster barley seed germination. The discussion above has shown how this process occurs in the case of barley seeds. What is not clear, however, is whether the same effect will occur with dicotyledonous plants. In the current

Effect of salinity on growth and germination of wheat seeds - Biology - Practical investigation

2046 words - 9 pages INTRODUCTION The germination of a seed is the process of the development of a plant from a seed and the sprouting of a seedling from the seed. Salinity is the concentration of dissolved salt content in a body of water. In relation to plant growth, salinity occurs through natural or human processes, which occurs from an accumulation of dissolved salts in soil water to an extent that can inhibit plant growth. This occurs because in order to

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548 words - 3 pages Recalcitrant seeds are not only desiccation-sensitive, but also metabolically active. In contrast, orthodox seeds, owing to their dry state, are metabolically quiescent. Lowering the water content to a level that would preclude germination but facilitate vital metabolism has been suggested as a way to extend the life-span of recalcitrant seeds in hydrated storage. However, Daniel Côme and Françoise Corbineau of the Universit&eacute

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571 words - 3 pages a control substance were the growth regulators used. Gibberellic acid stimulates cell division and elongation, breaks seed dormancy, and speeds germination. Indoleacetic acid (IAA) stimulates internodal elongation, rooting, and leaf abscission. B-nine reduces internodal elongation. The control substance is the independent variable in the experiment.Four planting pots, which were divided into three parts, were used for planting the seeds. Two

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2349 words - 10 pages resistance to the environment and its resourcefulness, Callosobruchus maculatus can lay its eggs on the cowpeas’ bean coats and allow its larvae to burrow deep into the seeds, resulting in significant reductions in seed weight and germination 4,5. Callosobruchus maculatus is therefore extremely detrimental to the long-term storage of cowpeas, with countries such as Nigeria reporting 70% infestation and 30% weight loss in crops stored for six

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3027 words - 13 pages pollen sticks to it or pollen germination 3 (ii) Stigma or style or ovary or micropyle 3 (iii) 1. *mitosis 3 2. egg [allow ovum or female gamete] 3 polar nuclei 3 3. *zygote 3 endosperm (nucleus) 3 (iv) Endosperm or cotyledon (or seed leaf or embryonic leaf) 3 14. (b) (i) 1. ectoderm 3 mesoderm 3 endoderm 3 2. ectoderm: e.g nervous system 3 mesoderm: e.g skeletal system 3 endoderm: e.g. digestive system 3 (ii) Embryonic 3 Uterine or endometrium 3

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1770 words - 8 pages Planning and organizing in respect to Wells Fargo is essential to the success of the company. The vision of Wells Fargo Bank is to move to the next stage going from "good to great," ( The organization has constantly reinvented itself through the years by creating new departments, products, services and new positions. The changes that have been made to the organization have been instrumental in the success of the company. Planning

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7990 words - 32 pages Table of contents1: Summary 22: Main Contents of the report 3-202.1: Introduction 32.2: Problem and the followed procedure 42.3: Sun Life Financial from strategic managerial viewpoints 42.3.1: Sun Life Financial's strategic logic 62.3.2: SWOT analysis 102.3.3: PEST analysis 132.3.4: The attractiveness of the Chinese insurance market 172.3.5: Strategies and city choice 183: Results, conclusions and recommendations 224: Bibliography 231

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512 words - 3 pages In order to answer this question we must firstly look at what is done at the birth of the child. If they are baptised as a baby, they clearly include no opinion in the situation. If this child doesn't believe in this faith there will be obvious rise against this as they get older and realise what it means.Furthermore, a particularly social child who is busy quite a lot of the time may find it hard to go to Church when they are supposed to and

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436 words - 2 pages V-post has the ability to substantially improve its profit margin, but it may difficult to realize that with the insight from Singpost, it can and will happen overnight. V-post is currently selling maximum range of approximately million bucks value of goods each day. As V-post faces many intense pressures to be more and more competitive and to increase profitability, a new perspective must be directed to the reduction and control of expenses

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1749 words - 7 pages Disasters happen when multinational corporations though having enormous resources tend to look the other side when most of the people are uneducated and their governments do not care for them and their safety and laws are usually bent if not broken by the corporations for their benefit.On the night at around 1 a.m. on Monday, December 3, 1984, when most of the people were at home sleeping, a deadly toxic methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas leaked out

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2147 words - 9 pages Before entering the "real" world and making decisions about careers and life, there is one major decision one is faced with. The question of which institution will best fit their needs to prepare them for life. There are several choices to choose from. From Ivy League Schools to State Schools as well as Historically Black Colleges and Universities the list goes on and on. These schools are viewed in society on a scale. Ivy League Schools are

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371 words - 2 pages Throughout American history, the development of plantations (farms) in the American colonies arrived as immigrants arrived in small farms. The American people settled on the land west of the Mississippi for many diverse reasons. As the years went, by the profit and demand for crops such as tobacco grew larger. At that time, large plantation could had over 400 acres of fields growing anything from tobacco to maize and sugarcane(in the south), as

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815 words - 4 pages The author uses from the first person point of view. This is viewed in the first person because the author uses pronouns such as "we" and "my" in the story. To have pronouns such as "we" and "my" is the definition of first person narrators. An example of this can be seen through the following phrase:"My mother is not an inventive or convincing liar, and the excuses which occur to her are obviously second rate."We know that the narrator is

Albinism: Characteristics And Symptoms, Causes And Treatments

355 words - 2 pages Characteristics and symptomsThe characteristics and symptoms of albinism are:- very light skin color- blondish-white colored hair- visual impairments that require glasses- tendency to sunburn easily,- hearing impairments- blood-clotting problems- red/pink eyes- Low Vision- Sensitivity to bright light and glare- involuntary eye movements- "Slowness to see" in infancy- Inability of the eyes to work togetherThese are all symptoms of albinos but an