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Most modern organizations follow one of five organizational structures.These structures are simple, functional, divisional, matrix and network. Acorporation may also use any combination of the five structures to supportshort to long term strategy.According to Wheelen and Hunger, simple structure has nofunctional or product categories and is appropriate for a small company,such as a sole proprietorship. Functional structure is appropriate for amedium-sized firm with several related product lines in one industry.Divisional structure is appropriate for a large corporation with manyproduct lines ...view middle of the document...

However, in recent years, changeshave been made to this structure in order for manufacturing firms to becompetitive in a global economy.Alfred Chandler concluded that structure follows strategy - changesin corporate strategy lead to changes in organizational structure. Chandlerconducted research using several large U.S. corporations. Changes in theenvironment tend to be reflected in changes to corporate strategy and leadto changes in corporate structure. Experts agree that organizationalstructure will vary within different industries and that there is no optimalorganizational design.After reading Bolman and Deal along with the StrategicManagement text, I have concluded that no one organizational design isany better than any of the rest . A company must use a design thatsupports the growth and profitability of its organization. Research hasshown that companies in similar industries do tend to organize in similarfashions, but not exactly the same. I also agree with Chandler, structuredoes follow strategy. I have seen that first hand with Sears. Corporatewill set forth a new strategic direction for the company, followed bychanges in how the employees are structured. Organizations mustimplement the design changes that are needed to keep the company bothprofitable and competitive.


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1859 words - 8 pages company and since goal theory doesn’t place any weight on who’s goals are most important it is hard to determine which ones are more important. John White’s goal is to land the order with Quality Lumbar to gain profit and establish a permanent relationship with them. Bob Hopkins also wants to land the account with Quality Lumbar since it will bring him and the company income, but he wants to remain an ethically sound business partner. Stan

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591 words - 3 pages ). Design is about challenging existing processes, procedures, technologies and methods. Design is the process by which creativity and innovation is changed into a specific tangible outcome (product) or an intangible outcome (service).The importance of creativity, innovation, and design when meeting organizational goals is that without the three an organization will not succeed. Creativity, innovation, and design are needed for the organization to

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2285 words - 10 pages years by 2017 within an allocated budget of 16 million USD. Phase one was estimated to have 180 – 220 units depending on the design of the project. Phase one of the project began with the project manager’s role in selecting an architecture firm based on portfolio review and international approach to luxury housing with innovation and technological advancement. The designed project consists of 6 towers, each 17 floors high with a combination of 4, 5

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463 words - 2 pages Prioritizing the IT Project Portfolio PaperVicky DuganCMGT/57309/22/2014Dion Rettberg Running head: Prioritizing the IT Project Portfolio Paper 1 3 Lila's Web design is a fairly new business. Lila has about 45 employees, and is in the middle of interviewing for an IT project manager. The Information Technology (IT) project will play an important role in Lila's business. The new IT project manager will be looking into getting the Project


835 words - 4 pages Designs) - 1 1/2 hours 4. Evaluation and selecting a final design - 15 minutes 5. Working Drawings 5.1. Layout Drawings (scale 1:100) 5.1.1. Floorplan - 30 minutes 5.1.2. Sectional Elevation - 25 minutes 5.1.3. Two Elevations (Front and Side) - 40 minutes 5.2. Site Plan (Scale 1:200) - 50 minutes 5.3. Two Point Perspective (Scale 1:100) - 2 hours Design Brief What must be designed? An additional building which must contain a kitchen, which will be

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2497 words - 10 pages The design of an organization's structure is one of the most important tasks that managers are responsible for. In order to design a structure that can achieve success in today's fast-paced and competitive global market, managers must take into consideration multiple factors, all of which have tremendous impact upon the organization. This paper will focus on four important factors. Those four factors are human resources, organizational

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1930 words - 8 pages Free , perceptive, and an attentive listener to what is said and not said during discussions. You must then establish trust by following through on all commitments with exceptional, quality work, in an atmosphere of confidentiality.Our firm will provide the following services to our clients. We will provide organizational development, assessment, evaluation, and change. This will entail assessing and evaluating employees and management in their current


1941 words - 8 pages Human Resource Management, vol. 22, no. 10, pp. 2071-2085. · Maxwell, J. R. 2008, ‘Work system design to improve the economic performance of the firm’, Business Process Management Journal, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 432-446. · Parker, S. K., Wall, T. D. & Cordery, J. L. 2001, ‘Future work design research and practice: Towards an elaborated model of work design’, Journal of occupational and organizational psychology, vol. 74, no. 4, pp. 413-440. · Perry

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424 words - 2 pages management allows the customer's input; for instance, the customer can come with an already established design and request to be made one of those kinds. Through providing what the customers demand, the store tries to close the gap between customer demands and what is in the market and increase profits by avoiding wastage of resources. The store has established its name and existence by outstanding customer service and increased quality of the products

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519 words - 3 pages Taylorism was developed by FW Taylor and showed methods of how to optimize organization efficiency. Taylor used work-studies to help him draw up scientific approaches to improving organization production techniques. He used two different types of research, method study and work measurement. He studies concluded show how by focusing on an organizational structure he is able to improve production techniques.He concluded that different workers have

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800 words - 4 pages providing continued training, feedback, and communication to the user while obtaining processes and procedures from the user a successful implementation will be achieved. Other important factors that involve the user include meeting user expectations, testing, and commitment to these changes (Shea, 2017). Keeping the users informed and involved is a critical factor during an ERP implementation. As the design is established, the organizational impact

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1658 words - 7 pages of legacy and specialty products make up 11.6% of volume. The Chinese have shown an inability to produce niche products because they lack the necessary organizational experience and knowledge to design and produce the more complicated products. This provides an opportunity for Samsung to continue leading in these specialty markets and creating a gap between the competitors. By continuing to innovate, Samsung can shift to developing more niche

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1209 words - 5 pages stepping stone in their career or just a job they had to take to make ends meet at home.Organizational socialization is the process by which new employees learn to adapt to an organizational culture. Job satisfaction on the other hand is the level of gratification that an individual demonstrates while in the work environment. There are several key ingredients to job satisfaction with knowing these ingredients one is able to better adapt to the new

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4299 words - 18 pages there are effective methods in place to mine and analyze data to create knowledge that supports strategic decision-making process and the achievement of long-term organizational goals. The literature review indicates that competitive intelligence teams within an organization can introduce a competitive intelligence process in various ways. They can identify the need for a new or improved process. They could also educate managers about the process

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2296 words - 10 pages (Johnson, 2012). Apple recognizes that integrating sound health and safety management practices into all components of commercial enterprise is critical to hold excessive morale and bring progressive merchandise. Providers shall commit to creating safe operating conditions and healthful work surroundings for all of their people (Dano 2007). The other vital formal element of an organization is the organizational shape of that employer which affects