Self Exploration 2: What Determines Our Life Path?

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Learning Log # 3What leads a person to choose one career path over another? A few months ago, I was having a conversation with a friend about why he chose the career that he is pursuing. He chose a career path that he does not enjoy and is not naturally good at. Because of this, he is constantly struggling with his work. He has decided that he does not want this to be his career, but will finish getting his degree. After talking for a long time, convinced him to go ahead and get his degree in computer science, but then go to graduate school for psychology; something he really enjoys. I am curious as ...view middle of the document...

He said that the adults seemed only to consider a person intelligent if they were good at math and science. My family, however, never showed preference one way or the other. They always praised me for my creative and artistic abilities. Do we actually notice little things like this as children, and furthermore, do we actually carry it in to our adult lives? Third, he remembers his father driving him around in circles as a child, asking him math problems. The only way that they would get to their destination was if he answered them correctly. I think that it is quite possible that we choose careers to please our parents and families. Nevertheless, I wonder why. How could someone let another person have that much control over his or her life that his or her happiness is at stake? What is wrong with the parents that their number one goal for their child is a certain career instead of happiness? It seems as though they never wanted a child to love, they wanted a child who they could brag about. I wonder this not only about careers, but also about many things that some parents impose on their children (not including things based on the child's well-being). It may be something that I will never understand because of my upbringing. Perhaps I'm lucky because I don't understand it.


What Ralph Waldo Emerson would think about the quote "Books are only useful in helping us to solve the problems we are faced with in our journey through life"

260 words - 2 pages "Books are only useful in helping us to solve the problems we are faced with in our journey through life". Ralph Waldo Emerson would agree with this quote, which was produced by LeJouret. This quote is similar to Emerson's "The American Scholar" in many different ways.Emerson believed that books are a resource for maintaining knowledge. "The theory of books is noble. The scholar of the first age received into him the world around; brooded

Book Report On Dr. Phil Mc Graw's Recent Book "Self Matters"

2063 words - 9 pages unique gifts, skills, abilities, interests, talents, insights and wisdom. It is all of your strengths and values that are uniquely yours and need expression, verses what you have been programmed to believe that your are supposed to be and do."When we make choices that are directed along the same path as these life-facets, our choices are reinforced by the energy that our desires already hold, and we build a history, a self concept of positive

Psych 201 Notes on multiple chapters throughout the course - TOWSON PSYC201 - Notes

964 words - 4 pages supportive, yet set limits. Self-Concept is a cognitive appraisal of our social, physical, and academic competence. Self Esteem is the affective or emotional reaction to one’s self-concept. Lawrence Kohlberg…moral development Preconventional: moral reasoning is controlled by external rewards and punishments. Conventional- Internal standards are imposed by others. Postconventional: morality is internal, not based on external standards. Carol

Discuss how race/ethnic identity impacts on career strategies and experiences of BME people - QMUL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT - RACE/ETHNICITY

2124 words - 9 pages kinship, ethnicity, and gender – are persistent and harder to alter than others. When race and ethnicity are of great concern to a group of people, self-concepts of one’s sense of belonging can mould career choices which in turn determines how and what professions individuals pursue. As it is, ethnicity may be crucial to people, but its consequences are clearly visible in the UK’s labour market. Here, prevailing racial discourses about BME groups

Exploring Body Identity In Relation To The Development Of Technology And Socialization - Uni - essay

3521 words - 15 pages further our sense of what, precisely, the body is, and perhaps more troublingly, what it may become.’ As this technical evolution advances, the concern is will it result in humans becoming completely independent on mechanics, and the desire for perfection being so obsessive that it will result in robots replacing humans. 8 Makeup Exploration - Level 5 Body identity has always been part of human life through culture, religious beliefs, and

Music as Influence: How has society been shaped by musical genres throughout history? - english - essay

1145 words - 5 pages Free I have been a musician since I was in the fifth grade. I started out playing and have since played the drums, and continued on to become a mediocre piano player as well as a self-proclaimed “decent” singer. My goal with this project was to continue my study of music in a way that was entirely different. I wanted to discover what influence musical genres had on the societies in which they were most popular. The idea for this project came to me

Life is a Journey Literature Essay - BYU English 055 - Essay

733 words - 3 pages ,” explains that it’s what we do with our life that determines our future. Longfellow begins his poem with a description of a pessimistic view of life. “Dust thou art, to dust returnest,” is a phrase he uses to describe a feeling of futility in our souls. He counters this statement later in the poem: “And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time; Footprints, that perhaps another, Sailing o’er life’s solemn main, A forlorn and shipwrecked

Career issue in modern day society - monash university - essay

658 words - 3 pages Nowadays, the process of finding a job has never been easier through the use of the internet. However, the difficult part is to find the right job. If I take myself as example, after my degree I will try to find work in the accounting field to complete my Chartered Accountancy. I like what I do but I do not see myself working in an office my entire life. Learning accounting will surely help me in the future and that is why I am doing it. Luckily

Your Behavior, is it Biological or Environmental - Highland High School 11th Grade - Research Paper

984 words - 4 pages . genetics and discover whish of the two plays the bigger role in determining human behavior. You may have heard the catch phrase, “nature vs. nurture” sometime in your life. This term dates back to the thirteenth century and describes the roles of both heredity and environment in the development of human behavior. So which is it, nature or nurture that molds human behavior? Though our biology does play a large role in how we act and who we are

High School Students Should Be Drug Tested - English 1510 - Argument

1542 words - 7 pages Tackett 1 Tackett 4 Olivia Tackett Professor Jeffrey Hensley English 1510 4 March 2019 High School Students Should Be Drug Tested Drug abuse: a worldwide epidemic that has spread to our youth. The younger generation determines the future of our society. Can we really rely on the youth to better our world if they’re already starting to abuse drugs at such an early age? Schools try to manage their students’ use of drugs by setting anti-drug

Defense of Language within Modern Society - Southern New Hampshire University ENG 550 - Essay

596 words - 3 pages where the words come from are vital. According to Curzan and Adams, society determines how and when new words infiltrate our American English language. Whether it is as a professional or personal task, studying the origin of one’s mother tongue is important. There are various ways to study the English language. If one is seeking to go in depth with his or her study, there is linguistics, which is the scientific study of language. There is phonology

"Do Parents Matter? This essay focuses on the effects that parents have on their children

500 words - 2 pages of attention the child will receive during the day from the caregiver that determines what is best for the child's development.After reading and analyzing these articles, I came to the conclusion that if an environmental background is changed, the amount of variation that is due to genetics can change. The role of genetics and the environment equalize people's traits and behavior. I believe our attitudes and interactions through the course of the child's life shape the person they become.

Exegatical paper final assignment - Corban - Essay

4805 words - 20 pages fullness of Him, as the church. Verses 2:1-10 relate to what comes directly after our passage when Paul talks about the uncircumcised life, or the life before Christ, and that these people are strangers to God and to His salvation. The after context relates to our passage by saying how we are sinners, the “uncircumcised”, and without God we are dead, and then turning the passage around into saying how God saved us all, both nonbelievers, and

Evil Within Us Argumentive Essay - Eng 101 - Essay

1328 words - 6 pages Free Hailey Gregg Eng 101 Professor Russell 21 October 2018 The Influence of Evil Within Us The human mind is said to be capable of great things, impeccable things. Things we didn’t even think possible. There’s a fine line between the good and evil we do, from the most compassionate gestures to the dirtist of deeds. We are capable to anything we put our minds to. So why does society choose such evil approach of life opposed to the good? After

The Way Journeys And Imaginative Journeys Are Communicated In Two Of The Stimulus Book Items 2004 "The Ivory Trail" And "Journey Into The Interior"

1338 words - 6 pages Free audience of the complexity of the psychological exploration of the self. Atwood also succeeds on taking us on an imaginative journey through the use of her intricate and descriptive imagery to take the responder on the imaginative journey and allows the responder to question how we would go about facing difficult journeys in our own lives.Atwood begins the imaginative journey within the human psyche with the use of a wild landscape as an