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Self-identity is the perception or recognition of ones characteristics as a particular individual. Young people are challenged with difficulties to discover their self identify. The notion of “identify” relates to terms such as individuality, self-perception, self-concept and self-confidence. Complications that arise amongst young people include, the strong influence of family and the expectations that are developed through an adolescent’s character and feelings. In addition there is the pressure to conform from the development and influences of one another and the gender expectations that define individuals and their stereotypical role in society.
Family is the foundation of society, a family is where a young individuals journey to find their character starts. Multiple pathways exist through which families may influence self-identity. This is highlighted through the song “She’s leaving home” (“The Beatles-She’s Leaving Home”, 1967). The song states that her parents gave her wealth and all you could purchase however fun is one thing that money cannot buy so after a significant number of years it was goodbye goodbye. In addition, the short film “perfection” (Zuzufilms, 2015) can be seen to portray the pressure of young people to be ‘impeccable’, You are naturally introduced into this world and thrown into education or employments, having a family and so forth without having an option. The game/puzzle revealed through this short film exhibits battles of an Asian-American women as she attempts to make progress and gain the support of her parents. Taught the game from a young age the young lady proceeds into her adolescents to strive for perfection although begins to wonder if her parents will still lover her in the occasion that she fails. Comparably to the feelings and portrayal the young girl in leaving home had felt towards her family, the short film contrasts that perfection turns into a fixation that can never really be filled. The producer illustrates this through the puzzle after being an infant becomes more difficult to complete, searching for that last piece ends up close to unimaginable, which is the thing that perfection is - incomprehensible. This is obvious in the short film, as the last piece doesn't fit since it's not perfect. All things considered similar aspects of portrayal and self-doubt are shown through young people finding their character.
Secondly Young people are challenged with the pressure to conform to what society considers ‘normal’. Conformity focuses upon the ways in which other people utilize the influence of one another. This is significantly evident through Scar (Warner bros records, 2009). The powerful lyrics of the song describes a series of suitors who think they know best, attempting to persuade the girl to alter her way of life. First, she obliges, and he abandons her with a figurative scar. The Second tries to fix what damage had been do...


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