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Self Mutilation Why Do People Intentionally Injure Themselves?

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Self mutilation is something that many people do not understand. People tend to lookdown on or think badly of people who do this. They may believe that these actions aresimply to get attention or that it is a way of manipulating people. But, in reality thesethoughts are very wrong. So many self mutilators will suffer in silence either unable toexpress these problems with others or often for the fear of being ridiculed ormisunderstood by their peers. Self injury is also known as self abuse, deliberate self harm,self mutilation as well as parasuicidal behavior.More extensive study has been done since 1984 on understanding and identifyingthe three components of self harming acts; directness, ...view middle of the document...

These are just a few ofthe things that could have happened to trigger the on-set of self mutilation. This mentalillness of more complex they you could realize and one can suffer through this for 10-15years. They say that it usually dies out after this time frame. Knowing this it should notstop someone from seeking professional help. Mental health providers are your bestcourse to try and come to terms with it , trying to identify the root causes of the problemand working past those problems and eventually getting past those issues in your life.A more appropriate term for self mutilation would be self injury, because selfmutilation can be thought of as a person with many piercing or tattoos. But it actuallygoes much deeper than that. Self injury is when someone deliberately causes damage ontheir body. The most common forms of self injury can include cutting of ones skin, hittingone self, extracting hair, head banging, biting oneself, burning oneself, interfering with thehealing of wounds, breaking bones and some have been known to go as far as removal ofones eyes, amputation of limbs, breast, digits genitals, skinning of ones facial skin andingesting sharp or toxic objects.Being able to understand this mental illness and knowing what outwardly signs tolook for would enable you to help someone that is close to you. So many of them areteens that are generally good students, have normal or above normal appearances most ofthe kids come from average income levels their they want to keep their secret from others.These self-abusers will internalize any conflicts that they may have with their friends orparents so will cut to try to bleed their problems out. One can look for signs andsymptoms of self abuse the presence of fresh wounds or scares, burns from matches orlighters. These people will most often try to make excuses for their actions which areoften have no logically explanation for the self injuries that they have caused tothemselves.A person who self injures most likely is suffering inside themselves. They feelalone and unworthy and they hurt themselves as a way of releasing some of these feelings.Self mutilators are people that have strong dislike of themselves, those that arehypersensitive to rejection that tend to suppress their anger, suffering of high levels ofaggressive feelings, those that are extremely impulsive, depressed or suicidal or sufferfrom chronic anxiety just to name a few. Those people that cut are not able to regulatetheir aggression or emotions and find self mutilation as an escape Most, if not all selfinjures feel some sort of relief when they cut. In fact, some possible motivations forcutting, or other forms of self injury is escaping from emptiness, depression, and feelingsof unreality. They find this as a form of escaping the problem because of their inability tofound another source to relieve these anxieties. Injuring yourself can be looked at as ameans of communicating their anger when the find that their are no other...

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