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Daniel Willard
AAS 100/ Tues. and Thurs. at 9:30AM
Professor Lee
19 April 2018
Self Reflection
Self reflection is not always the easiest subject to write about, as it is more of a stream of
conscious thoughts and memories that we conjure as a result delving into our own morality. As
human beings, we are constantly learning from the environment and people around us on who we
want to be and for what reasons we function the way we do. Therefore, this ideology may go
hand in hand with our current AAS 100 course. From this class, I have gained the ability to
make new relationships with specific others, have a larger capacity to be accountable, have an
updated educational pursuit, and mention aspects I wish I would have done differently
throughout this course.
As a child, I grew up in a remote and rather secluded area. The population there was
mostly comprised of caucasians and people of hispanic origin, somewhat sheltering me from any
other groups of people. Resulting from this, I have just barely begun to expand my horizons and
added depth to my understanding of the thought processes and practices of people from cultures
other than my own in areas outside of this one. The psychological makeup and ideals of others
has always been interesting and complex to me, urging me to try my best to understand a person
for who they are and for what reasons they function the way they do. Leading up to AAS 100, I
had begun to meet new types of people the likes of which I had never encountered before, those
that were raised in a big city and had been surrounded by the “new and happening” trends of
every day, a commodity I never had as a child. Part of the reason these people are so mysterious
to me is that I don’t know what their backgrounds must have been like, and up until this class, I
had no clue where I would learn such a thing. What this class has helped me with is that is has
furthered my understanding of not only Asian Americans and their mixture of culture around the
United States, but also helped me understand more deeply the thought processes of “city people”
so I may learn their processes and ideals, making myself a (how you put it) classier person.
Greater abilities to understand people may come hand in hand with a raised capacity to be
accountable, another trait I sharpened within this course. I’ll admit, I have lied many times in
regard to homework, tests, and projects during high school and even some of college. Before, I
never saw this as wrong, I would tell myself that it was me versus my school, that they were
trying to fail me at every chance they had and only wanted my tuition money. However, after
taking this course, I learned that it does not matter what the school’s agenda is at all, what
matters is that I get the education I signed up for. Also, on a personal lev...

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