Self Sacrifice In Lamp At Noon English 30 1 Essay

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Saveena Giesbrecht CA3 Mrs.Hrytsak
Individual's capacity for self sacrifice in the face of compelling circumstances
Self-sacrifice. Giving. Selflessness. The short story, The Lamp at Noon by , illustrates everyone believes they are sacrificing so much to help other in troubling situations although it seen differently by other people. Throughout the story, the woman and man are in a troubling situation, both believe they are ones sacrificing more than the other. When individuals are facing a troubling situation then both parties believe they are self sacrificing more than the other which in turn can cause the downfall of both.
One may see a situation as compelling, and self sacrifice what they can for loved ones. First, the woman shown self-sacrificing even when she is not in a compelling situation. For example, when she is talking about how she married her husband, even though he was a farmer, and how they live so far away she has no friends or family. This shows that the woman self sacrificed her life she could have had in town with friends and family for her husband. She came to live with him, even though she would have preferred to be closer to other civilians. Secondly, the wife does not have a job, because she is at home taking care of their child. We see how she self sacrifices her social life, and also her health. For example when the story talks about how she is trying to help the baby make sure he does not get any dust in his lungs because of the sand. She stays up with him watching him to make sure he is okay. This shows that the woman sacrifices her health for the child, because instead of getting rest herself she watches over the baby all day. Thirdly, the woman sacrifices for her husband, she does not indulge in her personal interest because she knows there is something different he wants to do. For example when she wanted to leave and go live with her parents where they would have food, no sandstorms. Her husband did not want to he had too much pride in him to do that. Although the woman did not want to stay she feared for them, she stayed anyways. This shows how the woman self sacrifice her personal interest for her husband. She gave up what she wanted, and stuck beside her husband because that was what he wanted to do.
An individual may see the perceive the situation not to be compelling, and believes self sacrifice is not needed. The man in the short story is in a troubling situation, he does not know what to do, for he denies that anything is going wrong. For example when he is in the barn brushing his horse and notices the ribs on the horse are sticking out. This shows that the man is in a desperate need of help, but instead of doing anything he goes to work on the farm instead. To continue, another time we see that the man is admitting that self sacrifice is not needed in a certain situation is when he is with his wife, the sand storms are ruining the crops ...


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