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Bhalla runs a small taxi service with just 2 cars initially and his family members and friends being his regular customers. Off late the demand for his taxi has increased which resulted due to advertisement in yellow pages and in the dailies. To deal with the increase in business Bhalla leased another luxury car and hired one more additional driver above an existing driver.During the first few days of his business he kept a written record of all his transactio ...view middle of the document...

He was in need of an information system for timely and accurate recording of the transactions. This would help him keep track of the number of cars and when and how many cars has to be made available.The solution to him has been developed using excel. This would help him keep track of the number of cars and when and how many cars has to be made available. Bookings are made easier through this system.The xylo Trading Company sells 6 kinds of confectionary items all over India. The sales technique followed is direct sales to its distributors and retailers. The data is updated by the sales people at central office at the end of the day using excel sheets. Consolidating of data received from various sales persons and generating of sales reports and also the MIS reports is the primary issue. An appropriate template of the data to be captured by each sales person is required so that the data consolidation can be done smoothly.As per the firms requirement, a database on excels has been designed. It records the total sales made on each day by each sales person, including which of the product he has sold. At the end of every month, when the sales person records the total sales of each item in his database, automatically the head office stocks get updated. It is a very user-friendly interface.


Geometry 1st semester Study Guide - Math - Assignment

1067 words - 5 pages Free Geometry 1st Semester Review Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. Which angle is an obtuse angle? a. c. b. d. 2. Which angle is an acute angle? a. c. b. d. 3. Each unit on the map represents 5 miles. What is the actual distance from Oceanfront to Seaside? a. 10 miles c. about 8 miles b. 50 miles d. about 40 miles 4. How are the two angles related? a. vertical c

Reflection on Writing Essays over the semester - Laurier/English - Essay

563 words - 3 pages , I think this course helped me a lot with my future because I am considering changing my program. I am in my first year in the Physics program but I am strongly considering switching into Political Science. I especially enjoyed writing about populism for the argument essay so, I could see myself continuing down that path and improving my debating skills. I know Political Science requires a lot of writing and this course made me enjoy writing more than I thought I did at the beginning of the semester.

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730 words - 3 pages Assignment Advance Funds Management (M) Semester 2, 2018 Assignment Brief: Your 3-member Mutual Funds Analysis team has recently been hired to (i) Create an Australian Equity Active fund, (ii) Analyse a US bond fund, (iii) Create an Australian/US multi-asset (Equities and Bonds only)class fund. Requirements: 1. Create and Active Australian Equity fund Each team will create an active Australian equity fund. This portfolio will have a tracking

My experience this semester as a reader, writer and thinker - English 1301 - analyze

529 words - 3 pages Keydin Centeno Mr. Jones English 1301 04/29/2019 My Experience this Semester as a Reader, Writer, and Thinker This semester was my first semester as a college student. When you start your first semester of college, you do not expect anything that you will learn. but being the first I have learned how to develop my skills as a writer, thinker, and reader. I know that writing essays are not my strong point, that's why it was very frustrating for

Advisory Reflection Spring Semester - Saint Marys College First Year Advisory Council - Assignment

1245 words - 5 pages . So, I made the choice to come here, and I don’t regret it. I believe that the community dynamic at Saint Mary’s has really helped me develop as an individual. Yes, we are a small school but that has made everything so much easier. I enjoy being able to email my teachers and have them respond immediately. I love being a person with a name and not just an ID number on an assignment. Academically, I’ve become stronger than I was. First semester I did

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1455 words - 6 pages Free Name : Low Kiing Seng Student id : 972752 Part A Part 1 1) Dairy Farmer Milk Producer -Dairy cows -Lands -Supplementary feed and fertilizer -Staffs -Raw milk -Processing plant -Workers -Water 2) Raising Cattle Variable cost Fixed cost increase at an increasing rate as the number of cattle increase remain constant over the output Inputs Required MC AFC AVC ATC Quantity $ Name : Low Kiing Seng Student id : 972752 Processing milk Variable cost Fixed

Sociology project work for this semester - university - project

821 words - 4 pages Abstract This project will provide an overview of theories that attempt to explain what for the documented difference on educational achievement and attainment among races and ethnicities. Also, it will address the good sense of the future of educational inequality in the United States. Asians are more likely to progress in each levels of education in comparison to other races. Data will be provided to represent that research is accurate. Order


1430 words - 6 pages Queensborough Community College Spring 2019 Intro to Criminal Justice Crim 101 Prof. Bridgett McMillan, Esq. Exam #1 Chapter 1 The Criminal Justice System MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. According to Cole and Smith, which of the following is NOT a goal of the criminal justice system? a. doing justice b. controlling crime c. preventing crime d. dramatizing crime e. all of these are goals of the criminal justice system ANS: D 2. The two justice systems in the

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405 words - 2 pages Boston Pizza Boston Pizza is a Canadian fast food restaurant, which began in Edmonton, Alberta, on August 12, 1964. The restaurant had begun operations on 17 different locations in western Canada by 1970. In 1968 a royal Canadian mounted police officer Jim treliving noticed the growing popularity of Boston pizza and he bought the rights to start a restaurant in British Colombia. He was the first franchisees of Boston pizza. At present, Boston

Cyrano De Bergerac Essay On Reality - Semester One Final Freshman Honors English - Essay

1057 words - 5 pages Jiang 1 Robert Jiang Ms. Bonanno Freshman Honors English 07 February 2017 Reality and the Delusions Within It Dreams, illusions, delusions and mirages eventually all disappear and one can never escape the cage built by Fate called reality. In ​Cyrano de Bergerac​, Edward Rostand’s play of chivalry, love and trickery, a swordsman, Cyrano de Bergerac, finds himself in love with his second cousin, Roxane, however, she is instead in love with a

How Are You Feeling Today?

480 words - 2 pages After finishing all my courses in the first semester, I was finally able to lie down on my couch for the first time in my life. When I looked at my subjects in the timetable for the second semester, it was obvious that school will only get tougher as I move along. Plans for next year, courses I am going to take, methods to improve my marks, the beginning of a new semester, and procedures for my future have been very frustrating and difficult for

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872 words - 4 pages EDU451 Instructional Technology 3 Total 9 Pre-professional Block II: (These courses may be taken over more than one semester.) _____ EDU 251 Professional Educator Legal and Ethical 3 _____ EDU 317 Differentiated Instruction 3 _____ EDU 322 Adolescent Development 3 Total 9 The following courses require that the student be admitted into the Teacher Education Program before registration. Block III _____ EDU 316 Techniques of

work Essay on how to work in an agency - lv6 - Essay on how to work in an agency

446 words - 2 pages Personal Data Statement I confirm that all the information I have given is correct. I am aware that personal data relating to myself (including, where relevant, sensitive personal data*), whether obtained from myself or from any other source, will be retained by SEMESTER RECRUITMENT ('the Agency') for the purposes of providing temporary work and/or employment opportunities and/or training and/or auditing. I understand and agree that the Agency

Final paper for kinesiology class: Yoga 101 - University of San Francisco/ YOGA 101 - Paper

554 words - 3 pages Karunaratne 1 Karunaratne 1 Amanda Karunaratne Yoga-100 November 20th, 2017 Semester analysis on Self During this semester of stress reducing yoga, I learned a lot about my inner self and how my body reflected everything around me. During the first half of the semester, I took yoga as a flexibility course but towards the end of the semester I learned that there is so much more to yoga than just flexibility. The very fist thing I learned was that

Of mice and men

772 words - 4 pages Group Assignment: MGM 3101 (Group1)Semester 1 2014/2015Lecturer: DrHaslindaHashimRoom: E102Phone: ext 7890Email:ACTIVITY 1Topic: Environments of Business OrganizationsMain Task: To apply the understanding of knowledge learned in class to real life examples and situations that happen in the workplace through the development of term papers.a. Each group is requested to choose one established organization and arrange for an interview with one