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September 11 Essay

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Matthew S. Gann On September 9, 2001, the United States of America was attacked by several faceless cowards in hopes of destroying the secure nature of the country. Four planes were hijacked, two of which were crashed into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and one in an empty field in Pennsylvania. The question is what we do now? In light of emotion, we must find out exactly who was behind the senseless killings before we can move on to one of the building blocks of this country- justice. When the time comes to attack, we must do it swiftly, leaving no room for retaliation. We must show the world that people can tear down a building, but the foundation will still stand, ...view middle of the document...

" But, not all Muslims see it this way. That's why the United States must be accurate in whom they retaliate against.When the United States finds the groups responsible for the deaths of its citizens, the attack needs to be swift, leaving no room for retaliation. When possible, take prisoners. It's possible that a trial and punishment would help the families of the victims find resolution. Nuclear technology on the other hand, does not need to be involved in the attacks. I believe that if this occurs, the United States might scare terrorists, but we will loose the respect of our allies.Retaliation seems to be the only answer to the cowardly acts presented to us. The planes tore down a few buildings that this country relied on heavily as far as the economy is concerned, but I think the terrorists were looking for something else. I think they were looking for the economy to bomb out, the people of this country to panic, and the United States to crumble with fear. That is not the case. People are coming together under the President half of them did not vote for; people that have never bought stock are investing to keep the country up; people are being more patriotic.After the United States seeks justice for the inflicted on it, the buildings that were tore down will rise again with the same beauty they held before. The skies of the United States will once again be filled with peace instead of smoke. Terrorists might have tore down a temporary structure, but the foundation the United States is built on can withstand more than anything a mere mortal can make. The foundation is made of freedom, and no terrorist can crash a plane into that.

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